Why Princess Eugenie is REALLY getting married on a Friday – despite its ‘common’ reputation 

PRINCESS Eugenie is tying the knot tomorrow to long-term boyfriend Jack Brooksbank and selected a Friday for her big day.
Etiquette expert William Hanson revealed to the Sun Online that the day may have a “common” reputation attached to it, but in actual fact it was the perfect fit for the royal.
Getty – Contributor Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are getting married tomorrow in Windsor[/caption]
William said: “More people can make a Saturday wedding than let’s say a Friday wedding, and because Friday or non-Saturday weddings are less popular, they are cheaper.
“So they might appeal more to someone who doesn’t quite have as much a disposable income to spend on a prime or peak season wedding.
“So therefore I suppose they do have a reputation for being slightly not top grade.
“It’s never going to be a top grade wedding on a Friday, I’d imagine a lot of people think.”
Getty – Contributor They have opted for a two-day affair, stretching from Friday to Saturday[/caption]
However, he reasoned that the rules may not really apply when it comes to the royals and can actually have a number of benefits.
The etiquette guru also pointed out that when Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011, they also opted for a Friday.
William said: “It’s harder to get people there on a Friday, especially as we come later on in the year.
“In October, November, December weddings people might have used up their annual leave for the year, it’s not like they have lots of days to play with like if it was a January or February wedding.
“But it won’t be a problem for Princess Eugenie tomorrow, because for starters it’s a royal wedding and you don’t say no to that, even if it is a lesser grade royal wedding than previous ones.”
Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Prince William and Kate Middleton also got married on a Friday, back in 2011[/caption]
William said that booking time off work would most likely not be an issue for Princess Eugenie’s guests – many of whom are upper class or celebrities – and also revealed why the day was likely chosen.
He said: “A lot of it will be where it falls within the royal calendar.
“Princess Eugenie and Beatrice are not listed in the court circular, they are not full-time working members of the royal family but their wedding affects the diaries of all of the working members of the royal family.
“Their diaries are often planned one to two years in advance. Even though royal engagements are usually only announced three to four weeks in advance, and that’s for security reasons, their diaries are plotted out.
“So when it comes to actually finding a day of the week and a time of the year that works for everyone, it is sort of arranging the wedding by committee and everyone will have had a say.”
AP:Associated Press Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married on Saturday May 19[/caption]
Princess Eugenie has broken with royal tradition to throw a two-day wedding bash, with a festival-themed party being thrown on Saturday.
A source told the Sunday Times, guests can expect “dodgems and funfair rides, coconut shies, lots of food stalls, loads of cocktails, bloody Marys for the hangovers and a festival vibe”.
William said that the tradition of having a two-day wedding is “over-indulgent.”
He said: “It’s very millennial, of which Eugenie is, it’s very ‘This is my moment and I will make it last as long as I want.’
“But hopefully you only get married once so I can understand it is a happy and positive day, sadly in this day and age there are fewer of them, so why not drag it out, fine.
“And Princess Eugenie’s friends are generally those who can afford to take two days off work or don’t even work.”
Getty – Pool An etiquette expert said that Princess Eugenie didn’t choose a Friday wedding for the cost, but because it would have been the best day for the royal family[/caption]
And he also revealed that having a fun-fair theme breaks from royal tradition.
William shared: “It’s becoming more of a tradition. Go back 20 years and the theme was two people getting married and that was enough.
“It was the nice church service followed by the wedding breakfast and that was that. There might be a theme with the flowers and the table cloth perhaps, but that was sort of the limit in terms of theme.
“But adding in this ‘fun-fair’ or circus cabaret theme, it could be considered a narrative arch I suppose, but I don’t think it is needed.”
Getty – Contributor The couple are getting married at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle[/caption]
Princess Eugenie is getting married in exactly the same location as Prince Harry, Windsor Castle, and William pointed out that undoubtedly comparisons will be made.
William said: “It’s going to be bigger, there are more guests, more celebrities for people to look at. So it won’t feel necessarily as intimate as Harry and Meghan’s.
“In many ways it’s a shame it’s happening this year.
“It’s slightly a poisoned chalice for Eugenie or indeed whoever was getting married directly after Harry and Meghan, especially it being at St George’s in Windsor, you are going to have direct comparisons.”
PA:Press Association William said the two weddings will be heavily compared due to being in the same location[/caption]
He predicted that the day may even “lack the charm and serenity that May had”, because although “Eugenie does lots of marvellous things, she’s not held in the same high regard as Harry.”
William said: “Harry and William are held in such high regard because of their history and their backstory.
“Eugenie is in many ways lucky that she hasn’t had to go through what William and Harry went through. But there isn’t that connection that has been built.”

Thursday January 01, 1970

Although the Queen is to attend the ceremony of her granddaughter’s wedding, and host an afternoon champagne reception, she will most likely be absent from the evening celebrations, according to William.
The etiquette expert said: “It’s unlikely the Queen is going to the fun-fair bit and I don’t think she is going to the evening reception tomorrow either.
“She didn’t go to Harry and Meghan’s either. It’s not that she doesn’t approve of the wedding, she’s an elderly lady and the evening reception is designed for the young.
“And when the Queen is in attendance at any event, there is certain etiquette and protocol that can’t be broken so they don’t want to put a dampener on it.”
Getty – Contributor Princess Eugenie will arrive at the church just before the ceremony starts at 11am[/caption]
And William even predicted that we might see Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle recycling an old outfit for the event.
He said: “The key is they will probably be wearing something that we have seen them in before or a variant thereof.
“It won’t be a brand new outfit really, you don’t upstage the bride.
“Catherine and Meghan are stunning so they can wear a bin liner and look good, so they are in a slightly difficult position.
“So it is probably good that they wear something they have done before, so we don’t get transfixed as to what designer or what it is and who it is they are going to wear as per usual.”

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Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s royal wedding timetable revealed, including what time the Queen is arriving.
These are the wedding protocols Jack Brooksbank and Princess Eugenie will have to follow when they get married?
As Princess Eugenie is getting married in St George’s Chapel in Windsor, the dress code will be on the stricter side of things.