Britain’s new chief prosecutor signals end to CPS’ witch-hunt culture

BRITAIN’S new chief prosecutor signalled an end to the CPS’s witch-hunt culture yesterday. Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill QC said it was not up

What is Brexit, when will the UK leave the European Union and what will happen after March 29 2019?

THE UK and the EU are now on a countdown to B-day with both sides trying to reach a deal before the clock strikes midnight

Sir Billy Connolly reveals he’s ready to switch his support in favour of Scottish independence amid fears over Brexit

SCOTS comic Sir Billy Connolly has revealed he’s ready to switch his support to indy amid fears over Brexit. The Big Yin is warming to

What is the People’s Vote and is the Brexit campaign group calling for another referendum?

THE People’s Vote is a campaign group wanting a referendum on the final Brexit deal arranged between the UK and the European Union. The group