NASA in space race with Elon Musk as they vow to put humans on Mars in 25 years

NASA is locked in a race to Mars with Elon Musk after vowing to put humans on the Red Plant in 25 years. The US

Brit companies ‘plan to microchip staff to boost security and restrict them accessing sensitive areas’

BRITISH companies are reportedly planning to microchip staff so they can boost security and restrict employees accessing sensitive areas. A Swedish firm, which makes the

Orionids meteor shower 2018 – what time it peaks and how to watch it

THE Orionids meteor showers are one of the most spectacular astral show of the year. But as always your location and the time you start to

British-built BepiColombo spacecraft blasts off on five BILLION mile journey to Mercury – and it’ll take seven years

A BRITISH-built spacecraft has blasted off from Earth to begin five billion mile journey to Mercury – the planet closest to the sun – and