UK weather forecast: Britain set to be battered by rain and strong winds as Atlantic blast strikes – how will YOU be affected?

BRITAIN is braced for an Atlantic blast next week as strong winds and heavy rain blow in across the nation. Milder air from the West

Freak sunny snap as UK temperatures reach 17C – here’s how YOU’RE affected by weather forecast

BRITAIN’S set for a freak sunny snap over the next 48 hours as temperatures could reach up to 17C. High pressure from the continent is

UK weather leaves firework displays CANCELLED – see if YOUR Bonfire Night will be ruined by ex-Hurricane Oscar

FIREWORKS displays have been called off across the UK as ex-Hurricane Oscar continues to batter the UK. Bonfire Night celebrations everywhere from Shropshire to Scotland

UK forecast – Britain’s west coast facing rain bomb weekend before showers spread eastwards – here’s how YOU’LL be affected

BRITAIN’S west coast is set to be drenched this weekend – but the east will face showers for the rest of the week. The rain

Monday’s London weather forecast — a cold day with isolated showers in the east, gradually easing through the day

A COLD day will begin with isolated showers, primarily in eastern parts. While these showers gradually ease in the early hours, other parts of the

Sunday’s UK weather forecast — Brits set for a frosty start followed by mix of sunny spells and scattered showers

Brits are set for a frosty start followed by a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers, possibly heavy in the South East. The cold

Friday’s UK weather forecast – turning colder with cloud and rain moving southwards during the night

GENERALLY, the temperature will be turning colder throughout the day. A swathe of cloud and rain will move southwards during the night, and is expected

Friday’s London weather forecast — feeling cold in strong winds, with rain clearing to leave scattered showers

THE start of the day will be dry, but a band of rain will move southeast across the region, followed in the early afternoon by

Thursday’s London weather forecast — a foggy and cloudy start to the day should give way to the occasional bright spell

LONDONERS will see patchy fog and low cloud break through the morning, with the occasional brighter spell developing. The day should be mainly dry day

Thursday’s UK weather forecast — it’s feeling cold everywhere, mainly dry but wet and windy in northwest Scotland

NORTHWEST Scotland will see wet and windy weather, with it feeling cold with blustery showers right across the Northern Isles. Elsewhere, there will be cloudy