Donald Trump snaps at CBS interviewer Lesley Stahl as she probes him on Brett Kavanaugh and Russian meddling

DONALD Trump locked horns with a reporter in a heated TV interview. He told CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl “I’m President and you’re not” during exchanges over Brett

Sydney seaplane passenger ‘accidentally knocked out pilot taking selfie’ causing crash which killed Brit millionaire family

A DEADLY plane crash may have been caused when a passenger accidentally knocked-out the pilot while taking a selfie. The new theory says a snap

Bear cub looks like he’s bitten off more than he can chew as he tries to swallow a salmon whole

A BEAR cub looks like he’s bitten off more than he can chew as he tries to swallow an entire fish in one go. The

Hurricane Michael death toll hits 18 as rescue crews hunt debris for 2,100 missing people and cops tackle looters

HURRICANE Michael has killed 18 people – with that figure expected to rise sharply –  as rescue teams hunt for 2,100 people missing in the

Test your Vladdishness with our quiz to see if you are a Vlad lad or just Putin it on

FANCY yourself as a tough guy? Reckon you could take on the world and win? Then you may have a touch of the Vladimir Putins

Tupac Shakur is alive and living in Cuba according to locals who say they have spotted him there

TUPAC Shakur is ‘still alive and living in Cuba’ according to locals who claim to have spotted him there. The Hit Em Up rapper was

Donald Trump stunned into silence as Kanye West rants in the White House as he calls himself ‘a crazy motherf*****’

DONALD Trump was stunned into silence today as Kanye West hugged him and said: “I love this guy”. The rapper wore his “Make America Great

What are the Cristiano Ronaldo rape claims, what happened at the Palms Hotel Las Vegas and what did his girlfriend say?

PORTUGUESE footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has vehemently denied accusations he raped a model in Las Vegas. But what claims have been made against the 33-year-old striker,

World’s worst paedo convicted of 900 rapes and sex attacks on kids is sent to Russian penal colony for 22 years

A Russian paedophile has been jailed for 22 years and six months for committing more than 900 rapes and sexual attacks on underage schoolgirls. Gold-toothed

Hurricane Michael – Florida Governor Rick Scott warns ‘the time to evacuate has been and gone’ as 150 mph storm poised to batter the state

THE ‘catastrophic’ Hurricane Michael has slammed into Florida with devastating 155mph winds. Those winds have already torn apart homes in Panama City, destroyed a half-finished