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Armor plating of warframes

What if the armor plating of warframes are not armor but are restrain or bindings? the rhino prime codex entry did say that he went on a rampage and nearly killed everyone and it only stop when he went near the ten zero. the void is poison to Technocyte and the Orokin maybe use the Teno us a sort of sedative making the Technocyte more servile or more susceptible to tranferance. perhaps the outer armor platings main purpose after all was to suppress the Technocyte's consciousness should they ever break free and armor is just secondary faction to it. there are cases when warframe act on there own the second dream is one example remember when you're warframe pulled war out of itself. Chroma is another example and maybe the new Umbra's are frames that break free from those restrains or those who are awoken. perhaps the sacrifices Balles was taking about is the Technocyte's consciousness within our warframes and what we sre doing is just like what the queens tried to do to us during the war within.

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