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Daily horoscope for Monday October 15 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

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Daily horoscope for Monday October 15 – here’s what the stars have in store for you today

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March 21 to April 20
Your determination doubles as the merger between Saturn and the moon helps you sweeten relationships to win cooperation at home and work.
Later, love is on your mind and you see how giving more trust and time to a relationship transforms it.
The family’s luck factor is linked to a house with a scarlet door.

Thursday January 01, 1970

April 21 to May 21
The Mars effect makes you more outspoken and ambitions you kept to yourself could make progress the moment you voice them.
Clear-thinking Mercury focuses on love and reminds you that some time you must put yourself first to keep a relationship balanced.
Single? Hot new love is a match of opposites.
May 22 to June 21
Feelings and shared responsibilities can be tested if one family member gets richer than the rest.
You may need to renegotiate cost-sharing. Your challenge in love is believing someone who was so offhand cares about you.
Single? When a newcomer’s first words make you laugh, romance could follow.
June 22 to July 22
When thoughtful Mercury takes charge of your love life, you get smart with your heart and go for a slow-start relationship that grows stronger with time.
At work, you are secretly proud of your ideas and this is the time to publicise them.
The message that travels farthest to reach you means a lot to the family.
July 23 to August 23
Your challenge of the day is to show you believe you can take a step up at work and do a great job – while listening to wise advice.
At home, as clever Mercury and kind Venus cooperate, your decisions are strong yet considerate.
Love-wise, sparks fly when you meet someone who lives in your dream house.

Thursday January 01, 1970

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Thursday January 01, 1970

August 24 to September 22
The moon shines on the winning part of your chart and instead of being a spectator, you are ready to take part.
Just as important as winning are the natural friendships you make with rivals.
If you feel ready to take a chance on love, a hot potential partner has the same initial as you and an unforgettable smile.
September 23 to October 23
A powerful connection between the sun, in the most personal part of your chart, and Saturn helps you take a major step towards the life you want to lead.
If your plans baffle the family, keep talking.
When two friends insist their former partner is perfect for you, one is right – the other couldn’t be more wrong.
October 24 to November 22
You’re the zodiac’s best business brain but be tolerant with people less decisive and daring than you.
This evening, love gives you a tantalising choice between supportive love that won’t let you down and magical passion you thought you might never experience.
But is it just an illusion?
November 23 to December 21
Your chart is well balanced in terms of friendship and finances.
Dealing with paperwork leads to a discovery that makes you laugh and feel good about your family.
Your personal planet Jupiter has people turning to you for advice, while undercover Venus boosts your love life from mild to wild.
December 22 to January 20
There is something special about you as the moon arrives in your star sign.
People want to please you – make the most of it!
A work project that had a dull start now gets moving with a celebrity connection.
Free to find new love? A lucky location is where sports teams often socialise.
January 21 to February 18
With the sun in your truth and travel zone, you realise that working away from home for a while could transform you.
If you start the day single, someone in a tailored suit with a smile that promises passion could be The One.
Meanwhile, settled couples share their dreams.



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February 19 to March 20
As the sun soothes emotions, restless feelings are replaced by a gentle but effective action plan.
In family matters, your subtle nagging can motivate relatives to use their talents, not waste them.
Love is the loser if you are both reluctant to reveal the growing passion you feel for each other.

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