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Deontay Wilder believes he has already beaten Tyson Fury ’50 times’ and the Nando’s incident with Billy Joe Saunders only added fuel to the fire

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Deontay Wilder believes he has already beaten Tyson Fury ’50 times’ and the Nando’s incident with Billy Joe Saunders only added fuel to the fire


DEONTAY WILDER cannot wait to take on Tyson Fury and says he has already won the fight “50 times”.
Wilder and Fury meet at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles on December 1 with the WBC heavyweight title on the line.
Deontay Wilder believes he has already beaten Tyson Fury “50 times” in his head and cannot wait to meet in the ringGetty Images – Getty
The pair go head-to-head in Los Angeles on December 1 with the WBC heavyweight belt on the lineGetty Images – Getty
But the American believes it is already a full-gone conclusion.
He told the Mail: “I’ve already fought Fury 50 times now and every time I’ve seen me knocking him out.
“I can’t wait for it to happen and to see if it comes to pass like it always does.”
And Wilder thinks the Nando’s incident in August simply added “fuel to the fire”.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Fury’s friend Billy Joe Saunders attacked the WBC heavyweight champion in Belfast before the former WBO middleweight title fled before Wilder’s team could retaliate.
Wilder added: “(That) gives me much more to look forward to for punching Tyson Fury in the face, because Billy Joe Saunders is way too small for me.
“That’s something that adds fuel to the fire baby.”
And the American star’s other run-in with food in recent months also grabbed the headlines.
Wilder believes the Nandos incident with Billy Joe Saunders only adds “fuel to the fire”Getty – Contributor
The Bronze Bomber was also involved with knocking-out a giant burrito mascot on TVReuters
During another pre-Fury promotion with ESPN, Wilder went face-to-face with a giant burrito. It didn’t end well for the dressed-up mascot.
Wilder said: “Man, people have been going crazy about that burrito.
“One minute I’m doing an interview and the next I look up there’s a big a** burrito to the right of me, waiting on me.
“I didn’t hit no mascots or anything like that before and I said, ‘Yeah cool let’s make it happen’. So once I got to select where I got to hit him, I told them: ‘I’m a headhunter, I like to knock you out!’

Thursday January 01, 1970

“I’m one of the hardest punchers in the world and I thought there was going to be more cushion or whatever, but when I hit him it was like another opponent, it was crazy.
“They said I hit him on the chin, I think he was a little bit dazed at first.”
Contrary to reports, the Bronze Bomber did not break the man’s jaw.
Wilder did not take up boxing until the age of 20, when he desperately needed to raise money for his unborn daughter who had spina bifida.
The American star took up boxing aged 20 when he needed to raise funds for his unborn daughter who was diagnosed with spina bifidaGetty Images – Getty
He has a perfect 40 wins from 40 fights and has only been taken the distance once in his careerGetty Images – Getty
He rose through the ranks quickly, claimed bronze at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 before turning professional.
Since then, he’s won all 40 of his fights, 39 by knockout. The only opponent to go the distance was Bermane Stiverne but the Canadian succumbed to a first-round knockout in the rematch last November.
But Wilder, 32, credits his grandmother and getting into fights as a youngster for getting where he is today.
He added: “When I was younger (I was) slim, not the biggest guy in the crowd but the strongest, fastest, toughest… it’s amazing to be able do what I do, it’s just even more proof that what my grandmother said about me years ago is true.

Thursday January 01, 1970

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“She wouldn’t let my parents whup me, not in front of her. She always said I was anointed by God, touched by God and he was going to use me for something… my grandmother believed wholeheartedly in herself and so do I.
“Even when I used to get suspended from school, she never used to discipline me, she would never whup me or anything like that.

UNIFICATION ELIMINATOR When is Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder? Date, place and TV channel for the heavyweight fight as winner ordered to fight Anthony Joshua

“She always used to talk to me, teach me and say that “God is trying to use you, he’s going to use you one day, you got to be ready”. I didn’t know what she was talking about, I was a child!
“One time, I was 12 or 13 and I beat this guy up so bad, I beat his a** and I got on top of his back and I pulled his neck up from his back trying to detach his spinal cord from his back and I had him screaming.

“I told him the instructions, I said: ‘Say momma help me’ and he said: ‘Mooooma heeelp meh!’
“I was tired of leaving my house and always having to fight all the time. I remember I looked up to the sky talking to God saying, “I’m tired of fighting”, with tears running down my eyes.”
It has been some journey for the heavyweight star from his childhood scraps to Olympic success to undefeated champion of the world, something he promised daughter Naieya he would become.
He looks after seven children in total now but knows he needs to deal with Fury in December to maintain his WBC belt and set up a potential showdown with Anthony Joshua, if the two teams can agree a deal.

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