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What happens if Parliament rejects PM Theresa May’s draft Brexit deal?

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What happens if Parliament rejects PM Theresa May’s draft Brexit deal?

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THERESA May appears determined to push her “soft” Brexit deal through Parliament – despite opposition within her own party and cabinet.
The Prime Minister’s draft agreement with the EU will likely be voted on by MPs in December.
AP:Associated Press Theresa May will try and push her Brexit deal through Parliament in December[/caption]
What happens if Parliament rejects May’s deal?
The agreement will likely be voted on in December following the EU’s Brexit summit on November 25 – where the deal was approved by Euro chiefs.
If MPs reject the deal, the Tory government has up to 21 days to put forward a new plan.
Any new agreement would then need to be renegotiated with Brussels.
There are a number of ways this process could play out – and none of them would be good news for the Prime Minister.
The UK could end up leaving the European Union with no deal on its future relationship with the trading bloc.
There could be another General Election to let the British public have a say on which party they believe is best placed to navigate the Brexit storm.
What happens if Parliament approves May’s deal?
If the deal is passed through Parliament, an EU withdrawal agreement bill will be introduced in early 2019.
And if that bill is subsequently passed then the European Parliament will then vote on it.
If the bill receives a majority of votes in Brussels it will then need to be approved by the European Council.
On March 29, 2019, the UK will leave the EU and the transition phase will begin and last until December 2020.
A second EU referendum could also take place.
What is a no-deal Brexit?
A no-deal British departure from the European Union means leaving without formal arrangements for the future relationship.
Currently Britain’s trade, customs and immigration rules are tied up with the single market and a host of EU regulatory bodies.
Ministers are seeking a legal deal to replace these with looser arrangements so we are outside the single market and customs union but keeping close ties so cross-border trade is easy.
Negotiations are ongoing under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty ahead of the UK’s exit on March 29, 2019.
Some fear these talks could collapse without a deal agreed before the deadline.
This could mean the UK being treated as a “third country” by the EU with commerce governed by World Trade Organisation rules.
It’s reported DUP leader Arlene Foster believes the UK is set to leave the EU without a deal at all.
Leaked emails say the Northern Irish leader was left furious after “hostile and difficult” meetings with the EU boss Michel Barnier.
She is poised for talks to collapse totally between Britain and the EU, which would mean we would leave with no deal at all, the Observer reported.

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What is the latest on Brexit?
Theresa May finally struck a Brexit deal with Brussels on November 13.
Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement with EU leaders has been branded “soft” by members of her own party.
The agreement would leave Britain tied to the EU for years and could break up the UK by forcing Northern Ireland into a different legal regime.
Cabinet powerbrokers Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Work and Pensions Minister Esther McVey have quit in protest over the deal which they believe goes against the party’s manifesto promises.
Mr Raab announced that he won’t support the PM’s Brexit deal, telling The Sun: “I don’t want to submit to the blackmail of my country.”
Ms McVey blasted the agreement, saying it “does not honour the result of the referendum” and could break up the UK.
She claimed she couldn’t look voters in the eye if she sold out Brexit by backing a plan which leaves Britain “trapped in a customs union”.
Two junior ministers, Suella Braverman and Shailesh Vara, also quit in protest, along with ministerial aides Anne-Marie Trevelyan and Ranil Jayawardena.
Mrs May has denied “rolling over” on the deal with the EU after DUP leader Arlene Foster claimed May had “given up” on negotiations before agreeing the deal.
Former Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said the deal was “doomed” and must be renegotiated.

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