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Cheap essay sample on Effects of Global Warming

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Cheap essay sample on Effects of Global Warming

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According to experts at write my perfect essay, when it comes to writing an essay on global warming, students should begin the work with the global warming introduction and describe the problem as well as its history and consequences. With the passage of time, the issue of global warming has taken a serious form, and almost all governments are concerned in this regarding since the survival of human beings seems to be impossible in next few years if the problem is not solved on an immediate basis. In addition to this you can use essay writing tips which will help you save time and write it faster.
In this part, students should give the introduction of global warming and ensure the quality of climate change essay. Global warming has become a threat to humanity, and it is one of the core problems we should pay attention to. Global warming is actually the result of human activities, such as deforestation and the establishment of buildings and commercial areas. It should be noticed that animals and plants are impacting due to this problem and it looks like no measures have been taken in this regard.
What causes global warming? What are the effects of global warming? As is already mentioned, global warming is the result of unhealthy man-made activities and things. We have cut the trees and forests to build our homes, factories, and mills, and this has led to environmental pollution. On a daily basis, we are adding harmful gases to the air such as carbon dioxide, methane, and others.
Anthropogenic factors
What are the solutions to global warming in points? Some of the anthropogenic factors are humans are contributing to greenhouse effects. It means we add a lot of pollutants to the atmosphere, and we do not care about how this will impact our lives in the long run. While writing such an essay, students should always pay attention to mentioning that carbon dioxide is harmful to human health and oxygen is needed for our survival. Due to the issue of global warming, it has become really difficult for us to breathe in fresh air and to get access to green areas where there is peace.
Another reason is that mining increases the amount of methane gas and carbon dioxide, and this not only increases the atmospheric pollution but also becomes a reason for the death of various animals and plants. Burning of oil, coal, and gas is also a main cause or factor of global warming. The unwise and uncontrolled burning of these things is adding smoke to the air and causing problems for human beings in the long run. For instance, when we burn oil, coal, and gas, then the smoke is added to the air, and this causes suffocation.
Challenges and risks
It’s safe to say that global warming accompanies a lot of risks and challenges. For example, when we breathe in unhealthy or polluted air, then suffocation, asthma, and other health problems come across. In addition, people develop diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and other physical and mental illnesses, and all of these are directly or indirectly the result of polluted environment. Another challenge is that many animal and plant species may come to an end. For instance, the species of panda and other animals have already become endangered, and this is disturbing the overall ecosystem. The melting of polar ice caps is also a matter of great concern as this can increase the quantity of water in seas, oceans and rivers, and will eventually cause various natural disasters. As the problem of global warming becomes serious, the biodiversity gets impacted to an extent. For instance, if we cut the trees, then it may not be possible for us to have access to fresh air in which oxygen is present and harmful gases like carbon dioxide are absent.
Settlement of a problem
Now we have come to the point when the solutions to the problem of global warming need to be obtained. The first and quick settlement of the issue is planting more and more plants and trees. For this purpose, governments should bring the world to one platform and urge people to plant trees and grow flowers individually, in all parts of the world. This may be difficult in the beginning, but trust me, it will be beneficial to human health and our future generations will be able to breathe in fresh and hygienic air.
Conclusion evaluation
In conclusion, we can say that global warming is the only problem that needs to be solved on an international level as a single city or country’s government cannot do anything in this regard. First of all, we should all know why it is a threat to human beings, animals and plants and what role we can play in this regard. Next, we should bring the world to social media and raise awareness among everyone regarding why they need to plant one or two trees every month. If deforestation is stopped and burning of oil, coal, and gas is checked and balanced, then it will be easy for us to address the issue.

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