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Jon Jones Drug Test Abnormality Causes UFC 232 To Be Moved to L.A.

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Jon Jones Drug Test Abnormality Causes UFC 232 To Be Moved to L.A.

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You can always count on Jonny ‘Bones’ Jones to keep things interesting.  Well, our boy, once again, hasn’t let us down on that front.  An “abnormality” in a recent drug test of his has caused the UFC to move next Saturday’s UFC 232 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
Jones was found, once again, to have a trace amount of turinabol (steroid, bro) in his system, causing the Nevada Athletic Commission to not license him to fight on Saturday.  This is their official statement on the matter:
Today, Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Executive Director Bob Bennett announced that, in consultation with NSAC Commission Chair Anthony Marnell, III, unarmed combatant Jon Jones will be allowed to withdraw his pending application for licensure, which was intended to clear him to fight in a major contest in Nevada later this month.
After extensive analysis of Mr. Jones’ prior 18 months of USADA in- and out-of-competition anti-doping drug testing results, Director Bennett, Chair Marnell, and Mr. Jones agree that he will appear at an evidentiary hearing in January.  This will allow for a measured, thoughtful, and comprehensive discussion of his anti-doping testing protocol and results and provide an opportunity for the NSAC to determine the appropriate path forward for him in Nevada.  We look forward to his hearing.
Apparently the California State Athletic Commission has no such qualms and are willing to license him for his title fight against Alexander Gustafsson.  And the UFC’s “golden snitch”, Jeff Novitzky, is claiming that this test abnormality is being caused by a “pulsing effect” (whatever that means), and not by Jones ingesting the steroid again.
So, on less than a week’s notice, the event will be moved to The Forum in Inglewood, California.
Hope you didn’t have flights and hotels booked for Vegas.

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