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UK weather forecast: Heavy downpours and blustery winds hit the UK before skies clear – see how you’re affected

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UK weather forecast: Heavy downpours and blustery winds hit the UK before skies clear – see how you’re affected

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HEAVY downpours and blustery winds will affect much of the UK this weekend before Brits see the skies brightening.
Temperatures will get off to a mild 11C in the south this morning when unsettled drizzle turns into persistent rain later in the day.
Brits will enjoy mild temperatures throughout the weekend, but will be drenched in heavy rainMet Office
Gale force winds coming in from the south west will push the downpours across the north west, where it will feel particularly cold.
But the Met Office say the “wet and rather windy weather will move east across many areas this morning” bringing ‘brighter skies’.
Forecaster say it may feel as chilly as 5C today across northern areas including Newcastle.
On Sunday, conditions will become drier, but outbreaks of rain will continue to spread eastwards, with a possibility of snow in the north.
A Met Office forecaster said: “A bank of cloud will bring wet and windy conditions to most of England and Wales on Saturday morning.
Met Office Conditions will remain cloudy, with some scattered showers across the west on Sunday, before snow is set to fall early next week[/caption]
Stormy conditions batter the seafront at Porthleven, CornwallApex News
Storm Diana brought strong winds to Manchester earlier this weekMercury Press
Getty Images – Getty Snow could fall as early as Tuesday next week in parts of the UK[/caption]
“In the evening, another bank of wet weather will creep in from the south west, and the rain will be heavier, making it a mild blustery night.
“But on Sunday, it will be a much more milder start, with temperatures still feeling colder in the north.”
Snow is set to early next week, with forecasters predicting snowflakes late on Tuesday.
A Met Office spokesperson told The Sun Online: “There is potential later on Tuesday into the early part of Wednesday that there could be a bit of sleet and snow mainly over high ground, but it could be at slightly lower levels.
“That will be more central parts of England and Wales, so one to watch – late on Tuesday and into early Wednesday, keep an eye on the threat of any sleet or snow across England and Wales.”
This map shows where cold air will creep down the spine of Britain on Tuesday – when snowfall is expectedVentusky

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Although northern Scotland will shiver in cold temperatures of around just 5C on Saturday and Sunday, much milder days are expected in the South of England.
The mercury will climb to 13C in some southern regions before a drop in temperatures around Tuesday.
The Met Office said: “Over the next few days it’ll be fairly mild across many areas of the UK, particularly in the South.
“It will be a bit colder towards the North.”
More wet and windy weather will roll in to the UK next weekMet Office
The North will be cloudy on Tuesday evening – when snowfall is most likelyMet Office
While the South will be drenched in heavy  showers after a balmy weekendMet Office
Heavy rain will blight the North throughout today, but the South will be not as badly hit.
Meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “Lot of heavy showers here and very windy still across northern Scotland.
“A blustery morning right across Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, but as we head further south, the showers become fewer and further between.”
Rain is expected on the west coast early in the weekend, with showers sweeping eastwards over the course of Sunday.
Storm Diana causes wet weather in GlasgowAlamy Live News
Winds will not be as bad, but there will still be a blustery outlook.
Mr Deakin added: “There will be showers scattered across south Wales, southwest England and some right along the south coast.
“As we go through the day, we’re not going to see a great deal of change.
“More showers will develop. We’ll see maybe a few more coming into the Midlands and they can’t be completely ruled out across eastern England, but generally, here it’s dry and bright.
“Elsewhere, the showers will continue to pepper western Scotland, northwest England and Northern Ireland and it will stay pretty blustery.”



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It’ll be a cooler day too for England and Wales, but people in the South could get up to double digits in sunnier, less windy spots.
Atlantic storms are expect to cause wet weather overnight Sunday and Monday morning.

Mr Deakin said: “There’s more wet and windy weather waiting to push in.”

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