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From a driver with a dog’s head to a baby with ears – the incredible animal snaps that will make you double-take

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From a driver with a dog’s head to a baby with ears – the incredible animal snaps that will make you double-take

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THESE perfectly-timed animal snaps will have you rubbing your eyes as they capture unusual coincidences.
From a driver with a dog’s head to a baby with huge ears, these pets have got themselves in bizarre situations and been papped in the process.
Splitpics.uk Notice my new hairdo? This bird ends up with a new ‘do after giving a girl a ride[/caption]
In an internet age where dog pictures are becoming the online go-to for a laugh, and these hilarious snaps certainly don’t disappoint.
Owner’s shared their expertly times photos to social media to show off their amusing pets for all to see.
There’s a dog with ballerina legs, a baby with dog legs, and even a cat with chair legs – something for everyone.
So take a look at our selection of social media’s finest animal mishaps caught on camera.
Splitpics.uk They see me rollin’ – this pup appears to be taking control of the wheel as he peeps his head into the front of the car[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Listen up – newborn baby given huge dog ears in adorable pic[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Eyes on the prize – this hound has one thing on his mind[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Giraffe or dog? a perfectly timed snap features two dogs looking like one very tall dog[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Born to dance – this pup has a bright future in the ballet[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Goldilocks – pet and owner become one in this fishing snap[/caption]
Splitpics.uk No leg to stand on – this moggy ends up looking like a cartoon character with his new chair legs[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Man’s best head – man and dog swap heads in this adorable embrace[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Four eyes- this adorable mutt gets a new pair of specs when he peers through a metal fence[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Taking the p**s – This pup was papped doing his business somewhere he shouldn’t have been[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Hair of the dog – this owner took the saying a little too literally[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Cutie-pie – this little hamster strikes a pose for the camera[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Getting leggy – this puss appears to be extending a lady’s leg as it’s perfectly placed next to a vinyl record sleeve[/caption]
Splitpics.uk R&R with Nicole – this pooch is having a little rest, with Nicole Scherzinger pulling the same expression in the background[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Daddy dog care – Man appears to be holding a baby in a coat – but if you look a little closer those are little dog legs poking out the bottom[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Bubble bite – this perfect was pic was taken just before the little dog bursts his bubble[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Smokey Joe – this cool pooch takes a glance back at the camera as he appears to hold a cigarette out the window[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Walking on water – this pooch was snapped appearing to be running across the surface of the water[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Where’s your body at? This cute dog has been pictured just at the right angle to make his body totally disappear[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Unlikely friends – this beautiful photo shows the amazing moment a butterfly lands on a cat’s nose[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Just eat it – it’s pretty clear who’s boss between these two feline friends[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Zorbing dog – this perfectly timed pic makes it appear as though the dog is trapped inside a bubble[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Greet art – what was supposed to be an innocent bit of graffiti has turned into an awkward greeting for a real dog[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Attack of the giant pup – this adorable pooch appears to be giving his owner a big lick on the head[/caption]
Splitpics.uk The bearded lady – this owner has timed this pic so it looks like she had half a dog’s face[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Cheaper by the three-dozen – it takes a skilled photographer to capture over 30 dogs sat all together at once[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Landing pad – this unfortunately timed snapped makes it look like the girl is about to squish her pup[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Spread eagle – this resting pup has placed himself to look like he’s been captured by a huge bird of prey[/caption]
Splitpics.uk I’ve got my eyes on you – the shadow of this cat is conveniently placed to have eyes on its head[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Yawning glory – this tractor was in the wrong place at the wrong time as it looks like it’s getting munched by this dog as it takes a big yawn[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Say ‘aaaah’ – it looks like this dog is having a full throat inspection as its owner’s hand disappears[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Paws on the wheel – yet another dog looking like its got control of the vehicle[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Swept off his feet – this husky has knocked his pal right off his feet in a collision caught on camera[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Where the sun don’t shine – this pup place itself in an unfortunate position as its head disappears in the photo[/caption]
Splitpics.uk The door’s the limit – rather than looking through the bottom window this dog chose to peep through the top one[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Slam dunk – this pup was captured showing off its ball skills[/caption]

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Thursday January 01, 1970


Thursday January 01, 1970

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Splitpics.uk Don’t mind if I moo – this pup seems keen on the ice cream on offer[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Laying the table – this cat chose a tiny table to relax on instead of its own bed[/caption]
Splitpics.uk Sit and stay – this well-behaved hound seems to match its owners outfit a little too well[/caption]

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