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China may unleash hypersonic railgun that fires missiles at SEVEN TIMES the speed of sound in just six years

China may unleash hypersonic railgun that fires missiles at SEVEN TIMES the speed of sound in just six years

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CHINA could unleash the world’s most powerful naval gun that fires missiles at seven times the speed of sound in just six years, US intelligence insiders claim.
The hypersonic railgun, which is said to be capable of striking targets 124 miles away, was successfully tested last year, according to Chinese media.
Handout China could unleash a deadly hypersonic railgun in just six years, intelligence insiders claim[/caption]
Images of the vessel undergoing sea trials were released on Chinese social media last monthTwitter
And now sources with direct knowledge of a US intelligence report told CNBC that the space-age weapon will be ready for war by 2025.
If the reports are correct, Beijing will have beaten the world in developing the superweapon.
Rumours first circulated last year when images shared on social media showed the Haiyang Shan being loaded with the oddly shaped weapon.
And last month, a hazy image of the ship sailing on the open ocean has been released on China’s tightly controlled social media networks.
The images suggest Beijing has beaten the United States and Russia to getting the next generation weapon into operational testing.
CNBC claims the railgun was first seen as early as 2011 and underwent testing in 2014.
Between 2015 and 2017, the weapon was reportedly calibrated to strike at extended ranges, making it even more deadly.
By December 2017, the weapon was successfully mounted on a warship and began at-sea testing.
According to The Drive, official US reports suggest the Chinese cannon can hit targets nearly 125 miles away, and the People’s Liberation Army plans to have their navy equipped with the weapon by 2025.
A railgun is a type of weapon that uses powerful electromagnets to accelerate projectiles to very high speeds.
Conventional weapons typically use explosives or propellant to launch ammunition, but electromagnetic forces make it possible for a railgun to achieve a much higher “muzzle velocity”.
This means that while a normal gun might manage a projectile speed of around 2km/s, a railgun could blast out projectiles 50 per cent faster, at at least 3km/s.
It also means that you don’t need to transport explosive propellants or warheads, which could make a railgun-toting warship much safer than traditional vessels.
Details of China’s railgun hit the web from an analyst called Dafeng Cao, who observes China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).
Cao sourced a number of images of a PLAN Type 072III-class warship from China’s social media site Weibo, apparently showing a railgun on board.
The analyst says there are several key clues, including the short, thick barrel, which would be unsuitable for long-range explosive weapons.
He also cites a verified Weibo account that reportedly belongs to a retired China naval officer, who said that a ship-mounted railgun had been approved years ago.
According to the officer, the Haiyang Shan warship was a great platform to test the weapon thanks to its large deck area.

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Several contractors attempted to build a railgun system for US ships for years, including BAE Systems, which created a prototype.
The gun was mooted to shoot projectiles at speeds of more than Mach 7 – that’s seven times the speed of sound – over a range of 100 miles.
But the project was eventually scrapped due to budget issues and a lack of interest.
The ship is instantly identifiable by the squat gun at its noseTwitter

The barrel of the railgun is much shorter than traditional ballistic missilesTwitter

So far, the clearest photo of the railgun. pic.twitter.com/owrdV0JpCt
— dafeng cao (@dafengcao) February 1, 2018

I translated one of the most well-known former PLAN officer's analysis, who has engaged in the building of PLAN warships for dozens years. pic.twitter.com/odMXtpB9pw
— dafeng cao (@dafengcao) February 1, 2018

The railgun's 3D model made by 模人一架. pic.twitter.com/pNVG2PPwBr
— dafeng cao (@dafengcao) February 3, 2018

Is the #Chinese #Navy about to test a #railgun at sea? New views of 22-yo Type 072 III landing ship HAIYANGSHAN 936 with what might be a railgun forward. Power modules seem to be placed on deck just aft of the gun. Props to @xinfengcao et al for these. pic.twitter.com/unTUGZTCgP
— Chris Cavas (@CavasShips) January 31, 2018

055A pic.twitter.com/hgrNo0ym46
— dafeng cao (@dafengcao) February 1, 2018

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