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Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games

The Buenos Aires 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games is on. The event that began on October 6th is the 3rd Summer Olympics. The sports event ends on the 18th of October. Being held in Buenos Aires, Argentina is the Latino host country with a 141-athletes participation.

Latino Athletes are participating in the Olympics games in big numbers. Out of the total number of countries in the region, 20 countries are taking part in the games this year. That’s a great contribution from the Hispanic region.
Here’s a chronological list of the Latino countries participating in the 3rd summer youth Olympics:
Argentina, the host country has witnessed the highest participation with 141 athletes. Its Delfina Narella Pignatiello won the silver in 800m freestyle swimming.
Bolivia has a thinner participation with 18 athletes. It is yet to win medals for the games.
Brazil is playing strong with a show of 81 athletes. André de Souza, Lucas Peixoto, Ana Vieira, and Rafaela Raurich have won a Silver in swimming for the mixed 4x100m freestyle relay on 7 October.
Chile is part of the Olympic games with its 44 athletes. It is yet to win its first medal.
Colombia is going strong with 54 athletes. The country has won 2 golds, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Roller speed skaters Gabriela Isabel Rueda and Jhony Andrés Angulo Reina won their respective golds.
Costa Rica is part of the games with a 17-member attendance with no medals yet.
Cuba is present with its 19 athletes, has won a bronze.
Dominican Republic has made it to the games with 20 athletes and has a bronze medal in its kitty.

Ecuador has 29 of its finest athletes competing in the games. It is yet to win its first medal and is hoping for some magic.
El Salvador though has a tiny participation, it is going strong with its 4 athletes. It is awaiting its first medal in the games.
Honduras is part of the Latin American subcontinent with a 4 member participation. It is awaiting its first win.
Mexico is participating with the second highest number of athletes, a whopping 93. It has one a gold and a bronze medal, each.
Nicaragua also has a tiny participation with a mere 4 athletes. It is awaiting its first big win.
Panama is going strong with a 16-member team of athletes. It is looking forward to its win in the games.
Paraguay is at the games with a strong 26-member team but is awaiting its first win yet.
Peru is participating along with its 16 athletes’ team and is yet to win its first medal.
Puerto Rico has a strong presence with its 22 athletes. It is, however, yet to win its first medal.
Uruguay has a 26-athletes team but is yet to make its mark on the games with a medal.
Venezuela has 53 athletes fighting for its glory and has already won 2 gold medals, one of which went to the 16-year-old Judoka María Gimenez for the -44kg Judo category.
Although Latino Athletes is participating in pretty great numbers, it is yet to create a mark on the world. It has won a total of 12 medals: 5 golds, 4 silvers, and 5 bronze. It is time for the countries to play their “A” game.
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Four Sports Making Their Youth Olympic Games Debut

Four Sports Making Their Youth Olympic Games Debut
During Youth Olympic Games, new athletic talent with the potential to dominate Olympic sports over the following years is revealed. However, it is not just new athletes who can make their debuts during this momentous athletic event, but new sports as well.
The world keeps changing, and modern young athletes would appreciate a few changes to the game choices they have at their disposal while taking part in the Olympics. In fact, in line with the Olympic Agenda 2020, the events need to have new and upcoming games that will appeal to modern young athletes.
Of note are four particular sports that will be part of the Youth Olympic Games program during the Japanese installation of this world-famous sporting event. Not to be left behind by this sweeping trend, Latino athletes are preparing themselves to shine at these new sports.
4 Sports Making their Youth Olympic Games Debut
1. Karate
Karate will now be in the Youth Olympics, and it is poised to be a huge hit. However, the focus of the sport will be technique, which is why a middle kick will earn two points while straight body punches will earn a single point. Similarly, a high kick to the head will get three points. Despite its Asian origin, karate is quite big in Latin America, with many young Hispanic athletes confident that their skills will give them a chance to bring glory to their home countries through their karate skills. Latin America celebrates the success of Camila Lopez, who managed a bronze in the qualifiers. Guatemala’s Pedropablo De La Roca was also part of the line up.
2. Break Dancing
Breaking Many people would have never imagined that breaking could ever make it to the typically rigid and formal Olympics games lineup. That is what makes this sport so interesting and innovative. As we speak, athletes have already sent their videos for reviews, and the best of them have been chosen to take part in the Breaking Championships in Japan. Factors that will be used to judge winners will include personality, technique, creativity, and even musicality. The event will involve 12 boys and 12 girls, although there is also a mixed event. You can watch the whole action on the Olympic Channel.

Latinos are well represented in breaking with the presence of Vale and Broly, both from Argentina in the qualifiers.
3. Roller Sports
A lot of youths are into roller sports. These thrilling and action packed activities will now be in the Youth Olympics, with the best of the best facing off against each other for a chance to win the ultimate award. Colombia has shown a lot of potential in this sport, with Gabriela Rueda winning the women’s event. The races will focus on speed, with distances ranging from 500 m to 5,000 m. There have been plans to include this event in the Olympics for a while now, and the decision to have it as part of the upcoming Olympics follows its favorable reception as a demonstration sports in the 2014 Youth Olympics in China.

4. Sport Climbing
Sport Climbing is arguably one of the most grueling mental and physical challenges there is, and 20 boys and 20 girls will have a chance to prove themselves in the 2020 Youth Olympics in Japan based on various climbing disciplines. This will include speed climbing, bouldering, and lead climbing. Latino Athletes are eager to prove themselves with this new event, and can watch them in Buenos Aires’ Urban Park. Three Latino athletes made in the qualifications event, Arguado Valentina (Argentina), Rivadeneira Nickolaie (Ecuador), and Contreras Alejandra (Chile).
The eagerly awaited Youth Olympics is almost here; and in addition to introducing us to new and young world-class athletes, it will also give us a chance to watch new and exciting sports. These include Sport Climbing, Roller Sports, Karate, and even Dancesports. Many young Latino athletes are eager to compete against the best the world has to offer in these new disciplines once the Youth Olympics gets underway.
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