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Harnessing the Boston Celtics firepower still a work in progress

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When Will Smith’s “Agent J” fires the “Noisy Cricket” for the first time in Men In Black, the recoil sends him flying into a wall, into the trash, and through a windshield. He has no idea how to handle that kind of firepower.
Sort of like the 2018-19 Boston Celtics. All five starters are capable of going off for long stretches, entire games, or even days at a time. Harnessing that has been tough, though, and figuring out how to handle that kind of firepower isn’t always easy.
Does that not work for you? Let me put this another way.
Flowing water is powerful but it will always find the path of least resistance. It will keep going downhill in the fastest and easiest way possible.
Sort of like the 2018-19 Boston Celtics. At least the starters.
Those starters are so good that they don’t need to work hard for good shots. Why pass, pick, and cut when one of these guys invariably has a one-on-one matchup that can be exploited? It’s so easy to find the mismatch and pick on it over and over.
No matter how you put it, the Celtics have not had the best offense in the preseason.
“The best way I can put it,” says Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, “we’re far from a finished product. And that’s a good thing.”
What’s not good is the current state of the offense. Be it lack of concern, effort, or execution, the Celtics are nowhere near where they want to be. The question heading into tonight’s regular season opener is how quickly can they get it together.
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Brad Stevens will keep Celtics focused early on

The Boston Celtics are starting this season in the best position since they started their rebuild, knowing that they have to be able to succeed right away.
With a shaky preseason, there may be some doubt about things coming together immediately for the Celtics. There is no doubt that they are going to have a transition period and it could take a long time for them to really reach their peak.
The Celtics have a lot of things they need to figure out, and the team will not be at their best until they have the time to understand how to use all this talent together effectively .
Early on, the key for the Celtics will be finding those ways to win while making constant adjustments. The Celtics have more than enough talent to consistently win before getting to their best, but not if they lack the focus to put in the extra work and effort that has helped them in previous years.
The talent level changes things, but Stevens has been making adjustments on the fly and throughout the year every season. It takes time for him to get the best out of the roster available to him, but he will also make sure they know how important it is to keep winning during that transition period.
The only way for the Celtics to avoid struggles, especially at the beginning of the season, is if they continue to have an edge from being the hardest working team, with players that stay focused on the one task ahead of them.
Often times, top talent loses some of that focus and it leads to extended slumps. Fortunately for the Celtics, they have Brad Stevens behind the bench, making sure that none of these players lose an edge.
Brad Stevens has spoken about the Celtics being overrated at this point, with a lot of work that needs to be done before they can be the favorites in the East. We know that Stevens will be focused and will not be satisfied until the team develops into the kind of product that can win a championship.

Throughout his career, Stevens has always been successful while adapting his approach. The stakes are higher this season, but he will always keep every player on the roster on point and in a position to succeed.
He is the one that can make sure these players are not complacent in the regular season, and continue to get better no matter how many wins they are getting.
Stevens will have the best idea of how good this team needs to be and how much they will be able to get out of their players. There is no worry that the players on this team will go off the rails, because they have always been dedicated to anything that Stevens has looked for.
The organization has put in too much to get to this point and everyone understands how devastating it would be if this core never realized their full potential.
Stevens has been the most important part of the rebuild, and he will continue to be the piece that gets everything in place with a mentality that will make sure they are doing more than their opponent to win, even if they also now have an immense talent advantage on top of it.

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