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Travis Kelce gifted Chiefs QBs, TEs Versace robes

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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has already set career highs in receptions (93), receiving yards (1,220) and touchdowns (10) with two regular-season games left to play, and he recently gave back to some of his teammates that helped him do so.
Kelce bought the Chiefs quarterbacks and tight ends a holiday gift, and he spared no expense in doing so. He bought each of them a Versace robe, and told reporters on Friday “that was probably the best gift I’ve given in a long time.” You can see a photo of what one of the robes looks like below.

There’s a Versace box on the floor in front of Demetrius Harris’ locker. Turns out it’s a gift from Travis Kelce.
Kelce said he bought Versace robes for the tight ends this year
— Brooke Pryor (@bepryor) December 21, 2018

Update: he also gave them to the quarterbacks. Chase Litton put his on while we were in there.
Looks something like this pic.twitter.com/Oa9HB126ab
— Brooke Pryor (@bepryor) December 21, 2018

The robes retail for $595 apiece, and they appear to be one of the more stylish holiday gifts we’ve seen a player buy for their teammates.

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Kareem Hunt Incident Shows NFL Still Doesn't Know How to Address Issues of Domestic Violence

The Kareem Hunt incident shows that when it comes to domestic violence, the NFL still doesn’t get it.
Sure, Hunt was placed on the Commissioner Exempt list Friday afternoon after TMZ released a video of the Chiefs star running back shoving and kicking a 19-year-old woman in a Cleveland hotel. On Friday night, the Chiefs announced that they were parting ways with Hunt as a result of the incident.
But here’s the problem: the assault took place back in February, more than nine months ago. It was widely reported at the time. The NFL knew about it and so did the Chiefs.
Keep in mind, each NFL team has its own employees who are hired to investigate incidents like this and to do background checks on potential draft picks and players. Many of these investigators are former law enforcement officers who are paid to get to the bottom of these types of incidents. But for whatever reason, the league and the team failed to address this issue adequately when they first learned about it.
League policy states that even if a player is never convicted of a crime or even charged with a crime, the NFL can conduct its own investigation and suspend a player for “conduct detrimental to the game.”
For example, Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott was suspended by the league despite never being convicted of any crime. But the league’s investigation found the evidence against Elliott was credible and he was suspended.
In the Hunt case, the league and the Chiefs failed to take adequate action until the TMZ video was released. Only when the situation became a public relations nightmare for the NFL did the commissioner’s office decide to address Hunt’s decision to physically attack a woman.
Hunt is a very talented football player. He is presently fifth in the entire league with 824 rushing yards and has another 378 receiving yards. He’s third in the league with 14 touchdowns and was a shoo-in to make the Pro Bowl. Hunt is a catalyst for one of the league’s best offenses in Kansas City. He is a star.
But if Hunt was a fringe player instead of a star, he almost certainly would have been released back in February. But the league and the Chiefs swept the incident under the rug until the video became public and forced the league to act.
The NFL needs to demonstrate that it is serious about the issue of domestic because it is the right thing to do, not because people may get offended seeing a player who attacked a woman making on the field making millions of dollars. The league needs to understand the seriousness of domestic violence and that the victims of such incidents can be anybody’s mother, sister, wife, friend or daughter. If TMZ obtained the video, the league could have done the same thing and taken a proactive stance on the issue of domestic violence.
After the league flubbed the Ray Rice suspension back in 2014, the hope was they would handle future incidents in a more proactive way. Unfortunately, the Hunt incident demonstrates the NFL hasn’t learned its lesson.

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Watch: Patriots fans throw beer at, flip off Tyreek Hill after clutch TD

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Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill had a second half for the ages in Sunday’s game against the Patriots, but he was unfortunately on the receiving end of a classless gesture by a fan.
Hill caught three touchdown passes in the final two quarters of the game, and when it was all said and done, he had racked up 142 yards in the contest as well. His biggest catch of the game came when it mattered most, late in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs were trailing 40-33, looking to tie the game with a scoring drive.
Thanks to Hill, it took them only one play to do exactly that.
On the first play from scrimmage, with just over three minutes remaining in the game, Hill caught a pass from Patrick Mahomes and took it to the house for a 75-yard touchdown. He ran so fast that he needed a few extra yards to slow down, and he ended up stopping right near the field lounge. Patriots fans in the vicinity flipped him off, and another one doused him with a beer.

Tyreek Hill got a middle finger to the face AND a beer thrown on him by Boston fans. pic.twitter.com/l3oZvvgMXx
— Chase Hughes (@ChaseHughesNBCS) October 15, 2018

That was a terrible display by the fans, and the one who splashed Hill with a beer shouldn’t enjoy the privilege of being field level again in the future.

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The World Needs to See Andy Reid's Patrick Mahomes Impression

What would it take for Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid to do his Patrick Mahomes impression for the world to see? In case you’re confused by what it is I am talking about, allow me to fill you in.
With Mahomes being the big star that he is nowadays, he’s been in the spotlight over the last four weeks. See, last season the world didn’t know much about Patrick Mahomes, other than he was the backup for Alex Smith. So there were really no interviews that anybody cared to watch.
This season, yeah, that’s an entirely different story. Everybody wants to know about Mahomes. So when everybody finally heard him speaking in an interview on a national stage, everybody was shocked to find out that he kind of sounds like Kermit the Frog.
The joke amongst Mahomes’ froggy voice was new to NFL fans, but it was an ongoing joke in the Chiefs’ locker room for a while now. And as surprising as it was to hear Mahomes’ voice, it was even more shocking to find out that apparently, Andy Reid does the best impression of it.
Say What….

Patrick Mahomes voice sounds like Kermit became a football coach pic.twitter.com/Dgt0HcqztT
— V⍟ʟBʟooᴅ (@volblood) October 2, 2018

Nobody knew this except for Mahomes. Apparently, Coach Reid won’t even do the impression in front of the entire team. And if I’m honest here, it’s pretty selfish. We need to see Andy Reid’s impression of Pat Mahomes. For competitive reasons, of course.
If everybody is doing the Patrick Mahomes voice, and he says that Andy Reid does the best impression, then it’s only right that we all get to see and judge for ourselves, right? Although there are plenty of people who want to hear it, chances of that happening are slim to none.
Andy Reid has been a head coach in the NFL since 1999. So he’s old school. All of this ‘fun’ stuff that goes down behind the scenes doesn’t leave the locker room. Coach Reid doesn’t want cameras on him. He doesn’t want to steal the show here. And even if he does do a killer Pat Mahomes-Kermit the Frog impersonation, we will probably never see it. It’s unfortunate, but if there is a way to make it happen, it needs to be done.

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