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BREAKING: Triple H Suffers Injury During ‘WWE Crown Jewel’ Match

Triple H and Shawn Michaels reunited in a winning effort against The Undertaker and Kane at Crown Jewel. The match was the main event of course and saw WWE’s four legends come together for a sellout crowd in Saudi Arabia.
But unfortunately, it appears that Triple H came out of Crown Jewel much worse for wear. According to WWE, The Game has apparently suffered a torn pectoral muscle. Hunter is expected to return to the states for surgery.
The match between D-Generation X and The Brothers of Destruction was both extremely physical and highly intense. Fans in attendance responded overwhelmingly positive to the bout, which may have surprised some critics.

INJURY UPDATE: @TripleH sustained what appears to be a torn pectoral muscle during the #WWECrownJewel main event between #DX and The #BrothersOfDestruction. https://t.co/6KEEUsHf2v
— WWE (@WWE) November 2, 2018

Crown Jewel also saw AJ Styles retain his WWE Championship against Samoa Joe. The Bar retained the SmackDown Tag Team Championships against The New Day and Brock Lesnar became the new Universal champion after beating Braun Strowman.
One of the biggest surprises of the night took place when Shane McMahon won the World Cup Tournament. McMahon was at ringside during the tournament final between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler when Miz was supposedly injured outside of the ring. Rather than forfeit the match for SmackDown Live, Shane stepped in for the injured A-Liser and won the cup for the blue brand.

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WWE Reportedly Scouting A New Location For 'Crown Jewel'

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As tension mounts following the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi embassy in Turkey, it seems that pressure is mounting for WWE to pull its Crown Jewel event out of Saudi Arabia.
Its a move that Vince McMahon is apparently looking into, according to tweets from Robbie Fox of Barstool Sports.

UPDATE: WWE is currently in the process of frantically scouting locations to move Crown Jewel to. This is NOT definite confirmation that it's out of Saudi Arabia, but the location and date are unquestionably in major jeopardy right now.
— Robbie Fox (@RobbieBarstool) October 23, 2018

If you’ve been paying close attention to WWE programming lately, Crown Jewel is still being heavily promoted, but Saudi Arabia is not being mentioned by any of the Superstars or anyone on the broadcast team.
That’s not by accident.
When the event was first announced, Saudi Arabia was mentioned in conjunction with the event every time it came up, much like it was for The Greatest Royal Rumble event earlier this year.

WWE Earnings Report Gives Insight into Greatest Royal Rumble Price Tag: https://t.co/PcwaOSA42X pic.twitter.com/mLQjbBamao
— Pro Wrestling Sheet (@WrestlingSheet) July 26, 2018

Now, despite millions of dollars potentially lost of they pull out, WWE is faced with one of the more difficult decisions it has been faced with in years.
Should WWE be able to find a new location, there is a chance that a new date would be announced for the event in order for that venue to make appropriate preparations.
Some of WWE’s top stars have also reportedly refused to work the event if it stays in Saudi Arabia.
As of this writing, Crown Jewel is currently scheduled to take place inside King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh on Friday, November 2. WWE went all out to make sure it had a loaded card as well, even coaxing Shawn Michaels out of retirement.

LIVE | "Maybe old is just a really polite way of saying… WE'RE BETTER!" – #DX @TripleH & @ShawnMichaels! #RAW #WWEAustralia pic.twitter.com/fSf8AT8iP7
— WWE Australia (@WWEAustralia) October 23, 2018

Michaels is scheduled to re-form D-Generation X with Triple H to take on The Brothers of Destruction, Undertaker and Kane, in the main event. In other matches, Daniel Bryan will challenge A.J. Styles for the WWE World Championship and the WWE World Cup will be handed out following an eight-man tournament.
Brock Lesnar will also battle Braun Strowman in a match for the now vacant Universal Title.
There could be an announcement in regards to the future of this event as early as Wednesday.

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WWE News: Top Heel Slated For A Major Long-Term Babyface Turn

As a result of the shocking announcement made by Roman Reigns that he is once again battling leukemia and is forced to relinquish his WWE Universal Championship, the main event for the Crown Jewel event has now been changed to a singles match between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman for the now-vacant title.
For the past couple of months, Strowman returned to being a heel after becoming one of the most cheered people on the roster. However, to opposite The Shield, Strowman aligned with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler in an attempt to take out the Hounds of Justice.
At the Melbourne, Australia Super Show-Down event, The Shield was able to best the Dogs of War. However, Strowman, McIntryre, and Ziggler were able to gain some momentum on a following Raw episode, but eventually, again be one-upped by The Shield. The Dogs of War trio dissolved after the dissension between Strowman and the then-Raw Tag Team Champions McIntyre and Ziggler become feverish, with Strowman powerslamming Ziggler, followed by a Claymore kick to Strowman from McIntyre.
Photo: WWE
Following the Reigns announcement on Raw, Paul Heyman came out to cut a promo to both show his respect to Reigns, as well as transition into the Crown Jewel main event. The feud between Strowman and McIntyre escalated as Strowman caught yet another Claymore kick.

[email protected] just found his monster. #RAW pic.twitter.com/yS515pvJqL
— WWE (@WWE) October 23, 2018

While it is evident that Strowman is once again a babyface and McIntyre remains one of the top heels of the company, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio revealed future plans for McIntyre.
“Drew [McIntyre]’s long-term is gonna be as a babyface. I think that’s pretty clear.”
Right now, WWE is looking for another face of the company, since Reigns has clearly been the heir apparent to John Cena. Meltzer added that McIntyre could be groomed to be the new face of the company, since Strowman is “one-dimensional.”
“[Strowman] could be the stop-gap guy,” said Meltzer. “I don’t see him as the long term, but, perhaps he will be. He’s the most popular guy right now, so he’s back as a babyface.”
Please be sure to credit Wrestling Observer Radio with a h/t to The Floor Seat if any quotes are used.

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Current WWE 'SmackDown Live' Star Could Be Facing Ronda Rousey At 'WrestleMania 35'

Ronda Rousey’s journey in WWE has been well publicized not only by the pro wrestling media but by the mainstream media as well. The current Raw Women’s champion has fully established herself in the company and she is perhaps the most highly marketable female Superstars in WWE.
But the question of who she will face at WrestleMania 35 has been asked from the moment she first debuted with Vince McMahon’s company. Now there may be an answer. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Comic Book) is reporting that Becky Lynch may be the one to face The Baddest Woman on the Planet.
Photo: WWE
Evidently Lynch has gained such an edge since her infamous heel turn that the company is looking at her in a whole new light. Becky is so hot right now that it may just be enough to book the Irish Lass Kicker against Rousey on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

RelatedRonda Rousey Buries Nikki Bella And Her Failed Relationship With John Cena On 'WWE Raw'
This news surely comes as a surprise to many WWE fans, who believed it would be Charlotte Flair that would get the nod against Ronda. It seemed like the perfect match due to the status of both stars. Ronda represented the world of MMA and Charlotte represented the world of WWE.
Photo: WWE
But is seems that as Becky’s star continues to burn bright, Charlotte’s has somewhat dimmed. Though the company likely didn’t expect it, Becky has been catapulted to the top and Flair has lost a step. This has apparently affected WWE’s booking plans as it pertains to WrestleMania 35.
It’s unknown if WWE will indeed move forward with Ronda Rousey versus Becky Lynch at WrestleMania and there is still plenty of time for the company to make a different move. Becky is scheduled to defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair in a Last Woman Standing Match at Crown Jewel on November 2.

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