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Are classic nudes just soft porn for toffs? We recreate famous ones

Category : Fabulous

THEY were the first glamour girls – the women who posed nude for some of history’s most famous painters. But anything Botticelli can do, The Sun can do better.
After TV classicist Dame Mary Beard claimed the female nude in Western art is just “soft porn for the elite, dressed up in classic guise” in a recent interview, we show that you don’t have to be a prude about appreciating nudes.
TV classicist Dame Mary Beard claims female nude in Western art is just ‘soft porn for the elite’WARNING: Use of this image is subject to the terms of use of BBC Pictures' Digital Picture
We asked former Page 3 girls Rhian Sugden and Holly Peers, plus models Megan Wright and Robert Reider, to recreate the poses in some classic works of art. They tell SIOBHAN O’CONNOR whether they think Mary is correct – or if nude art is simply a celebration of the human body.
Nude Sitting On A Divan by Amedeo Modigliani, 1917
Holly says women should ‘celebrate our bodies instead of hiding them away’
Holly, 33, says: “There are statues and paintings of naked men everywhere, too – but is that also considered soft porn?
“It’s a human body, it doesn’t have to be sexual but, somehow, just because it happens to show nipples, it is.
“If you are proud of your body, why not show it off? More people are showing more skin on Instagram now and I think it’s great.
“We should celebrate our bodies instead of hiding them away because people are worried that it’s going to arouse others.
“It’s empowering to pose naked and we should empower others when they do it.”
Birth Of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, mid-1480s
Rhian reckons these paintings portray ‘a much more realistic representation of the female body compared to social media’Alamy
Sandro Botticelli painted the Birth of Venus in the mid-1480sAlamy
Rhian, 33, says: “You see boobs just by going to Brighton beach, but that’s not classed as soft porn, and seeing a nipple in a painting definitely isn’t either.
“There are statues of naked women all over London – it’s a celebration of the female body and how beautiful it is.
“These paintings portray a much more realistic representation of the female body compared to social media. They show women with curves in all the normal places.
“If Mary Beard thinks this is soft porn, she should see Playboy – that will knock her over.”
The Luncheon On The Grass by Edouard Manet, 1863
Robert says naked bodies ‘are normal’Getty Images – Getty
Edouard Manet painted The Luncheon On The Grass in 1863Getty – Contributor
Megan, 23, from East London, says: “I see no issue with nude artwork. It’s certainly not soft porn. We need to learn to appreciate bodies of all shapes and sizes rather than associating the naked form with sex.”


what is it?

Mystery surrounds 'Nessie' washed up on Scots beach during Storm Ciara


Mum shares her use of Poundland tile stickers – but people question her design


Mum accidentally asks dog groomer for a ‘f***y wax’ after mixing up numbers


Mrs Hinch-daft Fife mum is viral hit with cleaning cake for 21st birthday


Boy, 4, dies after his lop-sided smile was early sign of devastating cancer


Mum wanted me SECTIONED when I got faith tattoo after terminal cancer diagnosis

Robert, 26, from North London, says: “I don’t think it’s soft porn at all. There are tribes even in today’s world where people are naked, and that’s normal for them.
“Our perspective is influenced by society but naked bodies are normal.
“Though I don’t know why I had to be in a suit – I should have been naked, too!”

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Mum burst into laughter after unborn baby stared directly at camera during 20-week scan

Category : Fabulous , Parenting

A MUM burst out laughing after her unborn baby turned to the camera during a scan.
Fitness instructor Jo Greer, 34, was having a 20-week ultrasound examination when the tot in her womb stared right down the lens.
A mum ‘nearly wet herself’ after her unborn baby stared directly at the camera in 20-week ultrasound scanBPM Media
Jo, who was at her local Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, said: “So we’ve all seen the standard, cute sideways scan pictures, but this is ours.
“Of course we got the usual scan pics, but then baby turned to face the camera which is apparently quite rare and highly amusing.”
“It is so funny, we all nearly wet ourselves laughing.
The midwife said, ‘That doesn’t happen often’.”
Jo plans to put the pic on their 18th birthday card.
She said: “I don’t think anyone has seen a scan picture like that before. So many people have ‘liked’ it and messaged.


what is it?

Mystery surrounds 'Nessie' washed up on Scots beach during Storm Ciara


Mum shares her use of Poundland tile stickers – but people question her design


Mum accidentally asks dog groomer for a ‘f***y wax’ after mixing up numbers


Mrs Hinch-daft Fife mum is viral hit with cleaning cake for 21st birthday


Boy, 4, dies after his lop-sided smile was early sign of devastating cancer


Mum wanted me SECTIONED when I got faith tattoo after terminal cancer diagnosis

“I’ll definitely put that pic on the child’s 18th birthday card.”
The 20-week scan is offered to everybody and aims to check the baby’s bones, heart, brain, spinal cord, face, kidneys and abdomen.
Fitness instructor Jo Greer, 34, was having a 20-week ultrasound examination when the tot in her womb stared right down the lensBPM Media

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Mothercare’s ad praised for showing post-birth mums with pillowy bellies, stretch marks and swollen boobs

Category : Fabulous , Parenting , Pregnancy

MOTHERCARE has been praised for its latest campaign which shows new mums with their natural post-natal bodies.
Swollen boobs, stretch marks and soft bellies are pride of place in the new Body Proud Mums campaign, which includes 10 images that will be promoted across London tube stations.
Mothercare Mothercare’s latest campaign Body Proud Mums aims to celebrate the natural post-birth body, stretch marks and all[/caption]
Staggeringly, over a half of new mums admit to not being proud of their bodies after giving birth, according to new research by Mothercare.
The campaign definitely comes at an important time, with over 80 per cent of UK mums saying they compare their post-birth pictures to unrealistic images online.
And over a quarter of those surveyed admitted they feel pressure from the media to look a certain way after pregnancy.
The problem isn’t just limited to mums, with 90 per cent of women aged 18-25 saying they expect their bodies to match up to celebrities and those on social media.
Mothercare Swollen boobs and soft bellies are pride of place in the new campaign[/caption]
Mothercare 80 per cent of UK mums say they compare their post-birth pictures to unrealistic images online – and the campaign hopes to address this[/caption]
Over half of new mums (51 per cent) say they use filters when posting online to conceal parts of their bodies they don’t like.
Meanwhile, 61 per cent of mums say they feel their true pre and post-natal experiences are not properly reflected in the media.
Linda Papadopulous, psychologist and author, praised the campaign.
She said: “The way we see and value our appearance, our ‘body image’ can significantly affect our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and overall quality of life.
“This campaign hopes to reduce some of the pressures that new mums may be feeling by celebrating the body changes that come with motherhood rather than trying to edit them out.
Mothercare Over a half of new mums admit to not being proud of their bodies after giving birth[/caption]
Mothercare Over half of new mums (51 per cent) say they use filters when posting online to conceal parts of their bodies[/caption]
“Very often, we end up showing compassion to others that we simply can’t show to ourselves when it comes to how we feel about our bodies.”
Photographer Sophie Mayanne, who pledged in 2017 to never digitally manipulate skin in her work, shot the campaign.
Sophie said: “The aim is for mums of all shapes and sizes to be able to identify with these photos in one way or another, and to feel more confident with their imperfections.”
Mothercare The mums were not airbrushed in the ad campaign, which will be displayed across London tubes[/caption]
Mothercare Campaign photographer Sophie Mayanne pledged in 2017 to never digitally manipulate skin in her work[/caption]



Teen model Connor Newall 'Scotland’s answer to Gandy' takes fashion world by storm


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Stab proof vests appear on sale from Scottish sellers on Facebook Marketplace


Neds actor and ex-gang member graduates from prestigious 'Jeeves school'


Skeletal models storm YSL show despite vow to stop casting super-thin girls

he ruined my life

I was raped at 12 by youth club worker who said I 'owed him my virginity'

And these brutally honest photos of mums’ post-baby bodies are the most relatable thing you will see today.
Previously mummy blogger Sophie Cachia shared a VERY candid post about having sex to bring on labour… so would YOU try it?
Meanwhile, Sophie had the internet in stitches after sharing a seemingly innocent snap with her son.


I dated eight men after splitting from my boyfriend but it made us stronger and now we are married

Category : Fabulous , Relationships

CAN a break-up really be the roundabout route to a happy marriage?
It seems to have worked for celebrity couple Gareth Gates and Faye Brookes.
Getty Images – Getty Gareth Gates and Faye Brookes split up but came back stronger than ever[/caption]
They split up after six years together, but after four months apart they rekindled their romance and last month announced their engagement.
Gareth and Faye said their break gave them the space to realise how perfect they were for each other, and claim they are now closer than ever.
But is this really a recipe for living happily ever after?
JENNY FRANCIS hears from two women with very different experiences.
Oliver Dixon – The Sun After two years together, Ami realised her relationship with John was not making her happy[/caption]
FOR full-time mum-of-two Ami Roberts, breaking up made her fall in love again.
Ami, 29, of Chelmsford, Essex, only realised she wanted to marry John Roberts, 29, an area manager for a security firm, after they spent 18 months apart.
She says: “John and I met on a trip to Disneyland Paris in 2009 and were instantly attracted to each other. We were from the same town and everything just slotted into place.
“We loved each other’s company and knew we were well suited. I felt so lucky to have found someone so special.
Oliver Dixon – The Sun It took Ami and John a year apart to realise they were perfect for each other[/caption]
“But about two years in, cracks started to show. John had a full-time job and I was focusing on getting a career in performing arts. We started arguing about silly things.
“The number of friends we had in common became smaller. John had his work buddies and my new friends were totally different to his circle.
“John was more of a homebody than me, having to be up early for work so he wanted to be in bed early. I was having fun, enjoying lie-ins and late nights.
“I knew we loved each other but it was getting hard to find common ground. It was a relationship with lots of pressure.


IN spring 2011, Justin Timberlake went public about a difficult split from Jessica Biel after four years together.
A few months, later the couple got back together and they married in October 2012.

“I was devastated when I realised we needed time apart, but we admitted we needed to break up. Two years after we started dating, we parted ways.
“We agreed we could date other people and made the decision to limit the contact we had. I knew it would be hard, but we both knew we still had feelings so had to make rules not to text each other all the time.
“It was scary but also exciting. I suddenly had all this freedom.
“At first, I partied and soaked up the fun of single life. My friends all told me this was the time to be wild and make mistakes. I dated eight men – some lasted a month or so, some were just one-off dates.


PRINCE William and Kate Middleton began dating in 2003 when they were students at St Andrews University in Fife.
In 2007, they split, but they reignited their spark in June 2010 and got engaged later that year.

“After a year, I started to think more about John. I went on a holiday to Turkey with friends 17 months after the break started, and it was there that I decided I wanted to make contact with him again.
“I’d been missing him. I didn’t want anyone else. I knew who I was and what I wanted with my job, so I felt more secure about settling down.
“I wrote to him and he immediately called me. We met and it was like we had never been apart. I knew instantly that John was my future.
“John told me the freedom had been fun but the other girls he’d seen just weren’t me. He’d grown up, dated two girls and felt more secure in his job.


MILLIE Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor were the golden couple on Made In Chelsea in 2011 and dated for just under a year.
After splitting, Millie married Professor Green in 2013, divorcing in 2016.
It was just five weeks after the divorce that she was pictured back with Hugo, and the pair married in summer last year.

“Sparks we never knew existed flew and almost immediately we got back together. Five months later John proposed and we got married in 2013. We had Oliver, who’s now four, in 2014 and Samuel, seven months, last June.
“We now felt so strong as a couple, we were ready for the challenges of kids and marriage. If we’d stayed together there is no way we’d have our wonderful family.
“Surprisingly, we weren’t jealous of each other dating other people. The break made us grow up.”
JOHN SAYS: “When we decided to have a break we were at a point of either breaking up or looking to marriage and we didn’t want to get it wrong.


MILEY Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth started dating in 2009 after starring in The Last Song together.
The couple got engaged in 2012 but broke it off the following year.
In October 2016, after being spotted in public together, Miley confirmed the engagement was back on.
They married last year in the US and are “happier than ever”.

“Taking a break was the best thing we ever did. It made me a better husband, a better dad and a better partner because I now know we are meant to be together.
“You have to face the fear of being alone and hoping the decision you made to take a break was correct. It’s a gamble, but one that paid off for us.”
Okay, so it doesn’t always work…
Huw Evans Picture Agency Amy was with Dan for two years before their relationship began to turn sour[/caption]
AMY Hubbuck, a student from Swansea, thought a break could help her relationship in the long run.
The 25-year-old ended her two-year relationship after completing her Masters in Psychology at Leeds University, but time apart only made them both realise there was more out there than each other.
She says: ”I met Dan* in 2014. He was a student working part-time in a supermarket and we just clicked.
”He seemed mature and confident and we’d talk for hours about our mutual love of sports and going out. After six months I was convinced that Dan was the one for me. We were so comfortable around each other, it felt right.
After the split, Amy says she began to enjoy her freedom – and miss Dan ‘less and less’
”It was two years in that we started having problems. Not major arguments but niggling issues.
”I complained he didn’t communicate well . . . and he complained that I communicated too much.
”I always felt that I was the “doer” in the relationship, while he just sat back and did nothing.
”I knew I loved him, so I didn’t want to end it, I just felt my dreams of travelling and working abroad were things he wasn’t getting excited about.

”After another six months together we both agreed a break would be useful.
”I think we were both hoping that the other one would realise what they were missing and change.
”We set ground rules. Texting each other was OK, but no seeing each other, and only the occasional phone call. The first week I missed him terribly, but as the weeks passed, I began to miss Dan less and less.
”I felt more relaxed and when I had the perspective to think about our past arguments, I realised I’d been sugar-coating his faults.
”I enjoyed the freedom more than I imagined I would – and being able to talk and flirt with other guys. But I also wanted to focus on me.

”It was weird after two years of a fully-committed relationship to find myself in the position of being “sort of single”.
”Dan would text me but I found myself increasingly uninterested in replying.
”The break helped me reconnect with myself and what I wanted. And I didn’t want to be held back.
”I decided to surprise Dan after three months by turning up unannounced, as I figured this grand gesture would help me decide once and for all how I felt about our relationship.
”My surprise arrival went down like a lead balloon.



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”Dan wasn’t interested in what I’d been up to, and I felt I was straight back in the same uninspiring relationship I had left behind.
”We both knew it was over for good.
”At first I was sad because I’d assumed we’d be so much happier after a break, but the opposite happened.
“The break saved us from staying in a relationship that wasn’t working and taught me that if you’re willing to separate, there’s obviously a reason.”
*Name changed

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Lie-ins are good for women’s health but BAD for men’s, according to science

DID you indulge in a lie-in this morning?
The festive period is often seen as the perfect time to catch up on some zzz’s, but is it doing you more harm than good?
Lie-ins are good for a woman’s health but bad for blokes, according to a study about diabetes riskGetty – Contributor
It’s not uncommon to nap until the afternoon on New Year’s Day – and for us ladies it’s actually good for your health, according to a new study.
But long sleeps have the opposite effect on blokes, giving you a good excuse to kick them out of bed to walk the dog or make that much-needed cuppa.
The research, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, found women who have lie-ins could lower their risk of diabetes.
Whereas men who snooze their alarms for just five minutes get the opposite effect, according to the study of the link between gender, sleep and insulin levels.
So women can enjoy a lie-in happily come New Year’s DayGetty – Contributor
But blokes are also at risk after a sleepless night, as too little kip could increase the risk of diabetes.
Dr Femke Rutters, from the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam, said: “In a group of nearly 800 healthy people, we observed sex-specific relationships between sleep duration and glucose metabolism.



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Seven simple fitness tests that could save your life


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Mum who turned life around reveals how to cheerlead yourself to success

“In men, sleeping too much or too little was related to less responsiveness of the cells in the body to insulin, reducing glucose uptake and thus increasing the risk of developing diabetes in the future.
“In women, no such association was observed. This research shows how important sleep is to a key aspect of health.”
We recently revealed how getting up before 6am makes you healthier and happier, and it can even boost your love life.

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Rich House Poor House mum too poor to buy carpets swaps £143 weekly budget for £3300 – and blows £126 on one bottle of wine

Category : Fabulous

A STRUGGLING single mum who is too poor to carpet her house had a festive shock when she traded places with a millionaire family in the Rich House Poor House Christmas Special.
Tanya Buck and her three children – Dylan 16, Faith, 10 and three-month-old baby Esme –  swapped her three-bed council house in Basingstoke for a five-bedroom Farnham mansion for a week.
Tanya with Faith, Dylan and baby Esme outside their Basingstoke houseHat Trick Productions
The part time cleaner, who survives on £142.80 a week, was stunned when she counted out the weekly disposable income of private investigator Noel Hogan and his artist wife Lisa – totalling £3,300.
She said:  “People don’t have this money much do they? A week?
“That is half my year’s earnings. What do they do for a living because I want to do it?”
Money is so tight for Tanya that putting food on the table is hard enough so there’s little money for Christmas presents.
She said: “Christmas is a struggle but I go in to debt for it because I have all year to pay it off.
Amber, Noal, Lisa and Aysha Hogan in their five bedroom mansionHat Trick Productions
“Maybe that’s stupid and irresponsible but as a mother you want to give your kids the best you can.”
But with over £3k in her pocket, the delighted mum-of-three wasn’t holding back.
She splashed out on a fancy French restaurant – trying snails for the first time – and joyfully chose a 9ft Christmas tree for the living room at a cost of £120.
She laid on a Christmas feast of turkey and all the trimmings and visited Noel’s favourite wine merchant, where she splurged £126 on a three litre bottle of wine for Christmas dinner.
Unlike the Hogan’s £1.9million mansion, Tanya’s home has bare wooden floors and wallpaper ripped off most of the wall but, to her, it means everything.
The family spent four years in temporary accommodation and this is the first Christmas in a permanent home.
Tanya said: “This house is a home. It’s got four walls, a roof and a front door that works.
“We’ve been through a lot. We had to live in  a B&B for six weeks. You feel like you’ve failed them. This is the first home we’ve felt safe and secure in.”
Dylan added: “I definitely think that all the bumps in the road and everything we’ve been through have made me and my mum a lot closer and my mum and my sister close. I’m a real mummy’s boy.”
Tanya takes presents to the homeless charity to help those who are in the position she was in last yearHat Trick Productions
The family are incredibly close and in heartwarming scenes, the two older children hug their mum when she breaks down over their past homelessness.
Tanya said: “As a mum I felt terrible. As a mum you’re supposed to feed and clothe them and give them somewhere to live. It’s soul-destroying. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I think I’ll ever do.”
Dylan recalled his first night in the B&B, with three of them sharing a room.
He said: “I couldn’t sleep. It was a houseful of strange people, you don’t know what they’re like and there’s not even a lock on the door.”
Tanya said: “Last Christmas was not good at all. I hope the kids didn’t pick up on it but I was really stressed and I had  a lot on my mind.
“Christmas is a financially stressful time anyway but then to find out at Christmas that we had to move and you’re having a baby…
“This Christmas is completely and utterly the opposite end of the spectrum. This is going to be one Christmas we’ll never ever forget.”
Noel said: “This time last year we spent Christmas in temporary accommodation. It will be good to see how the other half lives. “
Faith added:  “I’m looking forward to living in a house with carpets so I don’t get any splinters.”
After settling into the spacious mansion, Tanya indulged in some Christmas shopping, treating the kids to a mountain of gifts.
She said: “People are looking at me because I’ve got so many bags.
The Hogans used the artificial tree and tinsel found in Tanya’s cupboard to decorate the living room of the council houseHat Trick Productions
She said: “I’m going into nice shops and looking at the size not the price. It’s the best feeling. I want to do this every Christmas.”
But she didn’t forget those who are still suffering, the way her family had been the previous year.
She said: “We’ve bought some gifts for homeless families. Some games, toys and chocolates.
“It’s easy to see the sleeping bags in doorways but there are a lot of homeless kids in B&Bs, up and down the county. They’re the forgotten homeless.
“It’s nice to let them know we are thinking about them.”
Noel and Lisa and their two children Amber, 21, and Aysha, 18, normally spend Christmas in Thailand.
Having both grown up on council estates, they thought they were better prepared than most for the swap.
But they were shocked at the state of décor in Tanya’s home.
Walking into the house, Noel said: “It will be good for the girls to see how I grew up. I’ve gone back in time to my childhood.
“It really reminds me of where I grew up, almost the same layout.”
The Bucks have been brought closer by their troublesHat Trick Productions
But he added: “I really can’t believe that someone with three kids is living in a house with no carpet whatsoever in 2018. It’s unbelievable.”
There were more surprises when they counted the weekly budget of £142.80
He said: “That’s £20 a day which has to all go on food.
“I don’t know what we’d do if we had to buy nappies or anything else. I don’t know how she manages.”
The couple were moved to tears by a trip to the food bank, where the manager revealed that demands quadruple at Christmas.
Noel said: “You can’t help but be moved by seeing people coming on their last hope to get food for their children. But when they turn up there they are treated with kindness and people who say ‘you’re in trouble, we’ll look after you.’  We need organisations like that.”
At the end of the show daughter Amber also broke down in tears over the plight of the Buck family.
She said:  “I’ve never been not grateful but I’m even more grateful now.  It just shouldn’t be that hard for people.”
But Tanya and her three children return to a special festive surprise from the Hogans and they are over the moon.
And she reveals the whole experience has left her with a positive outlook.
She said: “At Christmas you realise what’s important and it’s love and family. Things like that yo can’t buy.
“Money isn’t what makes a person.  It’s your morals, your work ethic. This has revitalised me and it’s made me think about how I can push my business forward.”



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In October, a single mum on the show broke down in tears after surprising teen daughter with first laptop.
Last year viewers were left in tears after vets in Rich House Poor House paid off a struggling family’s £11,000 debt.
Rich House, Poor House Christmas Special airs on Channel 5 at 9pm on Boxing Day

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Slow fade, BDE and kittenfishing… bizarre millennial dating trends on the rise in 2018

Category : Fabulous , Relationships

FROM breadcrumbing to ghosting, the last couple of years have provided a whole host of dating terms.
But have you heard of “slow fade”, “BDE” or “kittenfishing”?
There’s a whole host of new dating terminologyGetty – Contributor
With the rise of modern dating comes a whole new catalogue of dating terminology.
From “benching” to “cushioning”, dating expert Debbie Rivers has revealed what they mean – and the warning signs to look out for.
“Some are not that new and have been around forever however there is a whole new way of acting in the online digital age,” Debbie told the Mail Online.
“The convenience of dating apps has given people more ways to behave badly and they all come with a name.”
Kittenfishing happens when a user enhances their appearanceGetty – Contributor
Similar to catfishing, this happens when someone enhances their appearance online.
Examples often include using deceptive photos or fibbing about their weight or height.
Debbie says this is common in men, who send 80 per cent of messages and are “frustrated” about not getting a response online.
Slow Fade
Like ghosting, but not as brutal, slow fade happens when a relationship is going well, but the other person starts to back off.
It’s basically a slowed down version of ghosting (which is the more abrupt way of ending a relationship).
“They become less available, will send half-hearted messages though social media or texts and then stop seeing them altogether,” explains Debbie.
Slow fade is a lot like ghostingGetty – Contributor
Also known as “big d**k energy” a man with BDE is confident, charming and direct.
Debbie describes it as “confidence without cockiness… It’s like dating the bad boy but better… If a guy is direct and confident he is a clear winner”.
And no, you don’t need to have a big penis.
One of the most brutal types of behaviour, cushioning happens when someone is in a relationship but begins speaking to someone else on the side as a way to soften the blow, should their current relationship end.
Cushioning is pretty brutalGetty – Contributor
Benching happens when someone wants to keep their date on the side lines – like in football.
They’re not 100 per cent into the person, but want them as a back-up option.
“Think of a football game where a player is put on the bench while another person is in play, ready to be subbed back in,” explained Debbie.
The aftermath of ghosting, zombie-ing happens when a person ghosts their date or partner before reappearing as if nothing has happened.
Debbie says receiving a message online or even subtly liking social media posts is classic behaviour of a zombie-er.
Zombie-ing is the aftermath of ghostingGetty – Contributor


'sex is an itch'

I give my man a 'hall pass' to cheat on me during the Christmas period


Huge design fail leaves woman's BOOBS exposed in PrettyLittleThing T-shirt


Lad claims to find Scotland's 'maddest scran' – a full chicken, sausage and beans


Woman who had eyelash transplant using pubic hair is BANNED from more surgery


Aldi launch £6.99 dupes of Chanel's £110 No 5 and Coco Mademoiselle perfumes


Gers boss Gerrard sports same £25K watch as Paul McCartney at Hearts win

Earlier this week, we told you why S&M is actually a criminal offence that could see you banged up for spanking your partner.
We also revealed the A-spot is the sexual pleasure point that could unlock the best orgasms of your life.
And we showed you ‘romantic’ Christmas poems share a chilling message about domestic violence when they’re read backwards.

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Are you dating a psychopath? These are the traits to look out for – from pathological lying to and ‘puppy eyes’

Category : Fabulous

THE dating scene can be tricky enough as it is without having to look out for a potential psychopath.
But with as many as one in 100 people thought to exhibit signs of psychotic behaviour chances are we have all met someone who falls under the term.
Not everyone who exhibits psychotic behavior is like American Psycho Patrick Bateman
There are a number of warning signs to look out for that may indicate you know a psychopath.
And while popular culture may make us think of serial killers the majority live fairly normal lives day to day.
Researchers agree that psychopathy involves persistent antisocial behaviour, meanness and impaired empathy and remorse, The Mail Online reports.
But they can also have a good attention to detail and engaging in conversation.

Are you dating a psychopath?

Some of the traits you should look out for in a potential partner:

Pathological lying
Lowering your self esteem to gain control
‘Puppy’ eyes to gain your sympathy
Public shaming
High self worth

Calli Tzani Pepelasi, Lecturer in Investigative Psychology, told The Mail Online: “Romantic partners of psychopaths will therefore soon realise it is hard work to keep up with their partners’ continuous need for stimulation and unrealistic long-term goals.
“Psychopaths also tend to show traits of sociopathy and narcissism, and both traits have been been correlated with infidelity.
“That said, psychopaths do appreciate their relationships in their own way.”
Psychopaths can be manipulative, volatile and more prone (though not always) to criminal behaviourAlamy



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The Sun Online has already revealed the signs to look out for in a sociopath.
Or you can take our quiz to find out if you might be a psychopath.
And we reveal the dark personality traits that mean you could be a narcissist, sadist or psychopath.

If you recognise these traits in yourself or a loved one, you can visit your GP or callMind on 0300 123 3393.


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‘I’m opening a sex robot brothel and this is why it will transform your relationship’

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A BROTHEL in which men pay £7,000 to take a sex robot’s virginity might not sound like a step forward for womankind.
But incredibly, the leggy, brunette creator of the world’s first ‘consent sex robot brothel,’ claims that these £11K sex robots –  capable of speech and with realistic genitalia – will improve all our relationships.
Cult leader Unicole Unicron is planning to open a sex doll brotheleves_robot_dreams/Instagram
Going by the name of Unicole Unicorn, one American is asking strangers to help raise £120,000 in order to open Eve’s Robot Dreams – a brothel where sex robots – lifelike and made of a soft silicone – will be able to reject randy lovers.
Unicole also believes that threesomes with sex robots will become more common, and could be used to spice up everyone’s sex lives.
Unicole says clients would have to ask a robot for consent before they can have sex  – in a bid to brainwash men into believing asking for consent is always part of sex.
“Although I don’t think sex robots have feelings now, they could do in the future,” Unicole tells Sun Online.

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Robot Brothel Owner 2020 looks. Put your money into @eves_robot_dreams
A post shared by Unicole Unicron (@unicoleunicron) on Oct 7, 2018 at 5:45pm PDT

Paying £7,000 to take a robot’s virginity
Unicole says robots have the ability to train humans to perform good sexual behaviour.
“The same way that porn is powerful, sex robots are even more so,” Unicole said. “I believe it’s one of the most powerful technologies that has the potential to change consciousness.”
Twitter Unicole’s project was founded by a sub-group of the cult, 3V3[/caption]
Unicole believes sex robot technology is one of the most powerful out thereTwitter
But how can sex robots consent in the first place? Technology experts believe this is impossible, as they aren’t sentient beings.
But Unicole explains that clients would have to meet and chat with a Real Doll robot in a café.
If they spend enough time chatting with the doll via an app – and get the doll’s ‘desire level’ above a certain threshold through their flirty chat – they will be able to have sex with the robot.
Other experiences – including meet-ups, kissing and foreplay – will typically cost £50-150, Unicole tells Sun Online. “The profits will go towards thing like paying staff members, making the business really good and eventually opening new premises.
“We’d also put it towards cutting-edge sex robot technology and improving the quality of the robots.”
Men would pay £7.000 to take a robot’s virginity in a venue Unicole hopes will resemble thiseves_robot_dreams/Instagram
Unicole says robots such as the Harmony sex dolls could eventually become conscious beingseves_robot_dreams/Instagram
Unicole plans to use sex dolls in the brothel from manufacturer RealDolls, which are “advanced humanoid robots” that are capable of speech and have realistic genitalia.
Their Harmony models – which Unicole will use should the project go ahead – retail for around £11,500 and they hope to have sex dolls that have a range of body types rather than simply ones that look “pornographic” to make it more inclusive.
Harmony dolls retail for £11,500Rex Features
Unicole says we should treat sex dolls as we’d treat humansTwitter
A unicorn porno
Two years ago, Unicole also released a self-starring porn film called Uniporn – that sells online for £200.

Unicole preaches harmony to their followers<span style="font-size: 16px">“</span>www.instagram.com/unicoleunicron/?
Unicole believes technology can empower people and help the world achieve equalitywww.instagram.com/unicoleunicron
Unicole believes that men will have different reasons for interacting with the robots at Eve’s.
“Some people are just going to be curious, have social anxiety, be on the autism spectrum, or even just be lonely,” they say.
“Whatever your reason is, you can find a lot of comfort in these robots.”
Unicole believes people will seek out the robots for a number of reasonsYouTube
And when it comes to group sex, Unicole says consensual threesomes could also be on the cards.
Unicole told Daily Star Online: “Many couples enjoy adding a third who is a robot or a doll.
“It gives couples a safe place to practice sexual freedom without the added factor of jealousy.
“Some people like to be with two or more dolls at a time and that is a different kind of orgy, but a very pleasurable one still.”
Unicole says couples will also be able to have consensual threesomes with sex dolls at Eve’s
While some may balk at sex robots, and Unicole has faced some backlash for the crowdfunder.
“Often men treat these dolls the same way a child treats their dolls,” says Unicole.
“They dress them up and have entire conversations with them. I personally don’t think it’s too weird, just an aspect of childhood being fulfilled.”

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Ultimately, Unicole says the brothel business will be approached from “a space of awareness”.
“If we do this from a place of love, nothing will go wrong.”

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Husband of BBC’s Rachael Bland reveals their son’s heartbreaking words after she died of breast cancer

THE husband of BBC newsreader Rachael Bland has today revealed the heartbreaking words their son, Freddie, uttered to him in the days after she died.
Speaking for the first time since her death, Steve Bland said their three-year-old told him: “Don’t worry daddy, it’s just us two now. It’ll be OK.”
Steve Bland has revealed the heartbreaking words his son Freddie uttered, days after his mum Rachael died of breast cancerRACHAEL BLAND
The dad-of-one appears on a special edition of You, Me And The Big C, the award-winning podcast Rachael created and presented.
The 40-year-old died on September 5, two years after being diagnosed with breast cancer.
Steve told Rachael’s podcast co-hosts, The Sun’s Deborah James and Lauren Mahon, that hearing his wife had just “days to live” hit him like a “sledge hammer”.
“I can still hear it now, him (the doctor) saying it, ‘days, days’. It was a proper sledge hammer.”
Speaking for the first time since Rachael’s death in September, Steve said Freddie told him: “Don’t worry daddy, it’s just us two now. It’ll be OK.”RACHAEL BLAND

Our beautiful, courageous Rachael died peacefully this morning surrounded by her close family. We are crushed but she would want me to thank everyone who took an interest in her story or sent messages of support. You’ll never know how much they meant to her. Steve and Freddie xxx pic.twitter.com/soq7YHvF9u
— Rachael Bland (@Rachael_Hodges) September 5, 2018

Steve said he spent an agonising week watching Rachael sleep, and checking she was breathing, before she passed away at home in Cheshire, surrounded by her family.
But he said the couple’s son, Freddie, has been a huge source of comfort through the darkest days.
“He’s brilliant,” Steve told Deborah and Lauren. “I think he’s a bit young to understand even on a very base level what’s happened.
“He’s just full of energy, full of joy and full of life.
BBC newsreader Rachael died on September 5, two years after she was diagnosed with breast cancerBBC
“You can’t look at him without seeing Rachael, so it’s a little bit of her there all the time, just next to me.”
But, Steve revealed, despite his young age, the intuitive toddler has shown glimmers of wisdom way beyond his years.
“There have been occasions where I’ve lost my temper with him and I know I wouldn’t have done in normal circumstances,” he said.

I started crying because it really upset me that I’d shouted at him. And he just turned to me and he said, ‘Daddy, are you crying because of mummy’? And I said, ‘yes’. And he said, ‘Daddy, don’t worry, it’s just us two now. It’ll be OK’

Steve shares Freddie's heartbreaking words

“I shouted at him because he was being a right pain, I was trying to get him dressed.
“I started crying because it really upset me that I’d shouted at him.
“And he just turned to me and he said, ‘Daddy, are you crying because of mummy’?
“And I said, ‘yes’. And he said, ‘Daddy, don’t worry, it’s just us two now. It’ll be OK’.”
Steve appeared on a special edition of the You, Me And The Big C podcast, which his wife created and presentedSocial Media – Refer to Source

Steve told Deborah and Lauren, neither he nor Rachael “understood just how tough those last few days were going to be”.
Days before Rachael died, she was in hospital having scans, when doctors told the couple she faced a very short survival time.
“I think, probably both of us were thinking, weeks, months,” Steve admitted.
“From that point on she died almost exactly a week later.”
Rachael was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in November 2016.
But, in April, doctors dealt the family the crushing blow that her breast cancer was incurable.
Rachael presented the award-winning podcast with The Sun’s Deborah James and Lauren Mahon – both fellow cancer patientsSocial Media – Refer to Source

In the words of the legendary Frank S – I’m afraid the time has come my friends. And suddenly. I’m told I’ve only got days. It’s very surreal. Thank you so much for all the support I’ve received. Debs and lozz will continue with the #youmebigc podcast. Au revoir my friends. pic.twitter.com/DhMurbqMJz
— Rachael Bland (@Rachael_Hodges) September 3, 2018

For six months, Steve and Rachael knew her condition was terminal. In that time, Rachael rushed to finish writing a book, For Freddie, for which Steve has now secured a publisher – and hopes to release next year.
He said: “We got a lot done. A lot of stuff to do with pensions, the mortgage, death admin.
“I think it definitely gave her a lot of comfort. Money doesn’t matter, but it takes away one of the stresses when you know certain things are sorted.

I found it quite hard in the day or two after she died to remember what she sounded like, just normally… and even what she looked like just sitting next to me on the sofa

Steve Bland

“She was one for a list, she planned her funeral before she died and we tried to stick to what she said, so that took a lot of stress out of that.
“She was just an unbelievable girl.”
Steve said. while the couple had a chance to have the important conversations, and prepare, the one thing he really didn’t know how to face was the physical process of his wife’s death.
“We didn’t talk about it, I had absolutely no idea what actually physically was going to happen to Rachael over those four or five days where she was getting more and more sick.
Rachael was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in November 2016Social Media – Refer to Source
“We are scared about talking about the whole thing, I didn’t have any idea what was going to happen.
“I didn’t feel like anyone really explained how hard and how demanding that last four or five days were going to be.
“I might be wrong, but I just feel that if Rachael had known how hard it was going to be she might have wanted to go into a hospice or something else.
“I just don’t know that either of us understood just how tough it was going to be – how demanding on her it was, having me looking after her, and how demanding it was on me.”
Steve also opened up to Deborah and Lauren about the “incredible outpouring” after his wife’s death – admitting it was hard at times.
In April, doctors revealed her breast cancer was incurable and by May scans showed it had spreadSocial Media – Refer to Source
Days before she died, Steve said hearing that his wife had just “days to live” hit him like a sledge hammerRachel Bland
Steve has recently found a publisher to publish Rachael’s memoirs, For Freddie, next yearRachel Bland
“It was very hard because my Rachael wasn’t the Rachael who did the podcast, wasn’t the Rachael on TV, wasn’t the Rachael on the radio,” he said.
“My Rachael was the one who sat next to me on the sofa watching crappy TV.
“You know, who shouted to get a glass of wine or whatever.
“It was very difficult – as comforting as it all was – seeing Rachael the TV person, the podcast person.
“I found it quite hard in the day or two after she died to remember what she sounded like, just normally… and even what she looked like just sitting next to me on the sofa.
“It was probably three or four days when it had died down a little bit and the storm had subsided somewhat that those memories started coming back and it was a bit of a crash.”
The new edition of the podcast is the first time Deborah and Lauren have been back in the studio without Rachael, and said the only person they wanted in her chair was SteveSocial Media – Refer to Source
Steve and Rachael met at work, both working at BBC Radio 5 LiveBBC Press Handout
The dad-of-one also shared a valuable piece of advice he was given, to help deal with grief: “The cross you have to bear doesn’t get any lighter, your legs just get stronger every day.”
On September 3, two days before she died, Rachael posted her final message to fans on social media, revealing she had “just days to live”, signing off with a heartbreaking “au revoir”.
Rachael was the brainchild of the You, Me And The Big C podcast, which since her death was crowned Best New Show at the Arias  – the Oscars for the radio industry.
The new episode of the award-winning BBC podcast airs today, and it marks the first time Deborah and Lauren have stepped foot inside the recording studio without their best pal.

It was, Deborah told The Sun, an “incredibly emotionally charged time”.
“We were all in floods of tears, we all had our moments,” the 37-year-old, who has stage 4 bowel cancer, said.
“It was the first time we had been there without Rach sitting in that chair.”
Her co-host, Lauren, added, “there’s only one person we’d have in that chair,” referring to Steve.
“After Rachel’s death we all agreed the first You, Me And The Big C, would be on loss, and the only person alongside us would be Steve.”
Download the podcast here.

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