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Fortnite down? Servers offline for Tuesday update to prepare for Fortnitemares Hallowe’en event

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It is Tuesday morning, which means that Fortnite has gone down for users across the world as the week’s major changes are made.
As ever, we won’t know exactly what those changes are until servers come back up, but this week we have a pretty good idea what you can expect.
Save The World players get some bonus spooky heroes too
A couple of days of terrible poetry have teased Fortnitemares, which is sure to be the in-game Hallowe’en celebration, and some changes to implement the full force of the forced ‘spookiness’ must be on their way.
Yesterday’s Save the World update revealed a couple of spooky additions to the paid-for co-op side of the game, and revealed that its much-awaited free-to-play launch wasn’t going to happen until next year at the earliest.
There will also be a 50% off sale for Save The World access via Epic’s Founders’ Packs, so keep your eyes peeled for those and more Samhain-themed goodies in STW.
We’ll update you with more on today’s changes as we get it.
A purple-gloved hand clutching a high-caliber revolver is part of the Hallowe’en teaseEpic Games

Tombstones quake, Keep your finger steady. The circle will close, Better be ready. #Fortnitemares pic.twitter.com/ocd2VR1d19
— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) October 21, 2018

What is Fortnite and does the video game have an age rating certificate?
Fortnite is an online video game rated for those aged 12 and over, and most well known for its Battle Royale mode in which 100 online players are put in a battlefield to fight until just one player remains.
It is a shooter with building elements, so while the goal is to kill and not get killed, you can build structures to defend yourself from materials found in the world.
How many children play Fortnite and why are their parents worried?
While there is no exact figure on how many children play the game, data collected up to late January showed 45million people playing Fortnite across PC, Xbox One and PS4.
Many parents are concerned about the harmful effects that the long playing duration and violent content is having on their children.
A thread on forum site Reddit summed up concerns with one parent saying the game “promotes strategic thinking” but their child has started to “slam doors when he used to be pretty laid back”.
In a This Morning poll asking if parents were worried about the effect the game had on their children, 59 per cent voted no as opposed to 41 per cent who said yes.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a version of Fortnite, a video game released by Epic Games in July 2017
The online game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, based around a battle for survival
Fortnite offers two distinct modes: player versus environment ‘Save the World’ and the more recent player versus player game Battle Royale
The game starts with 100 players leaping out of a plane on to a small island, fighting each other until no one is left
Fortnite has proved a massive hit with more than 3million kids
The game is free and kids can team up with a friend, a group of friends or compete as a duo or squad
Matches can last up to 20 minutes
Though it’s a multiplayer shooter, no graphic violence is depicted

How has Fortnite turned some players into celebrities?
Fortnite is one of the most popular games streamed live on social media platform Twitch.
Millions log on to watch superstar players like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins play.
Some players make money from prizes in competition, but most money is made via advertising and sponsorship deals for popular streams.

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Fortnite’s cube just got weirder – why is Kevin pulsating and where are the runes going?

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FORTNITE’S purple cube just keeps getting weirder now it has finished retracing its own steps.
It appeared out of nowhere, rolled around the map, then destroyed Loot Lake and lifted a house there into the air before carrying it back along the path it had come.
reddit/ModedYT The runes started lifting at different rates, as spotted by Reddit user ModedYT[/caption]
It completed that stage of its journey last night when it activated the final rune it had earlier left burned into the ground, and now things are getting very strange.
Not only is the cube pulsating with a bright purple glow, and making a new weird sound, but the runes themselves have started moving of their own accord.
As spotted by one poster on Reddit they are not even moving up at the same rate.
Puzzled? So are we. But at least there are week four challenges to keep your mind off the bigger picture.
The lighting is getting weird, along with everything elseReddit
What is the Fortnite purple cube and when did it appear?
The start of Fortnite season five introduced players to temporal rifts which, as the season progressed, culminated into a large purple storm manifesting from a rift in the desert.
On August 24, 2018, the lightning resulted in the appearance of a mysterious purple cube, that gives off residual energy that can cause harm to players if messed around with.
A leaked week 10 loading screen shows the mysterious purple cube to be an evil entityEPIC
However, then the cube started to move and fans online have figured out that the cube would roll for just one turn, roughly every two hours.
It eventually laid out a pattern of runes around the map before essentially destroying Loot Lake and lifting the house in the middle of it up into the sky.
Since then it’s moved the house back along that same path and activating the runes, with the final one being activated late last night.
The runes appear to be lifting offreddit/YourBoyChipsAhoy___



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What is going on with the Runes now?
Now they have all been activated, the seem to be taking on a life of their own.
They are lifting out of the ground by themselves, taking chunks of earth with them.
Where they’re going, nobody knows…

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Fortnite Alpha Tournament hits the rocks within hours of launch

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THE FORTNITE ‘esports’ team has official unveiled an in-game tournament system that will host the game’s main competitive Battle Royale play in the future.
Unlike the Summer and Fall Skirmishes, the in-game tournaments will be “open to everyone” and “provide an opportunity for every player to compete directly alongside the pros for prizes and glory.”
The first tournaments will be kicking off very soon
The first batch are coming this month, with an Alpha Solos tournament already underway and running until Sunday.
This will be followed by a Beta Duos tournament that runs from Tuesday October 23 to Thursday October 25.
Epic games must have hoped that those test events, revealed after today’s 6.10 patch, wouldn’t throw up many bugs that need squishing, as the Salty Springs cup kicks off on two days later on Saturday October 27.
Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be. Within hours of the launch of the Alpha tournament Epic Games had to deal with “an issue with tournament points not being updated correctly” as well as matchmaking issues across Europe.
Each tournament will have its own schedule, viewable in game via the Tournaments tab
This solos cup runs for five days, coming to a climax on the Wednesday of Hallowe’en.
It looks like players will have very limited attempts to put up their best score — players will have “one week and three attempts” to prove they are “the saltiest that Salty Springs has to offer”, according to Epic.
Starting and ending day later is the Tomato Temple Cup duos competition. Other than making it clear that the tournament offers players the chance to ” Become legends of the Tomato Temple Cup”, Epic didn’t have any more details to offer.
Points will be awarded for placing “exceptionally well” and for racking up multiple eliminations, with a maximum of six points possible per match if you secure a Victory Royale with 8 or more eliminations.
20 points unlocks a “shiny pin” — but actual prizes are promised for future events.
Everyone will start from scratch at the start of each tournament, no matter how badly they’ve done before
There will also be a squad-based Friday Fortnite competition, that will only run on Fridays, but over the course of the whole month.
One unexpected feature is that EVERYONE in any given region will be lumped in together, so those playing on PC will be competing against those on iPhone and consoles.
Previously these pools have been kept apart as there is a perceived advantage to playing using the full control provided by a mouse and keyboard compared to the simplified interfaces for controllers or touch screens.
You will be matched up against players in your region who have a similar tournament score to you — so the better you do, the tougher your opponents are likely to get.



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Finally, Epic has revealed that it will be using the mode to settle qualification for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup.
Anyone who wants the chance to represent their country can dive into the Showdown Royale event that will be hosted using the tournament system, with the best players getting the chance to represent their countries at some point next year.
As ever, you can read the full announcement over on Epic’s web site.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 release sees Fortnite players quitting and even SELLING their accounts

Category : Call of Duty , Fortnite , Gaming , Tech

VIDEO gamers throughout the world are getting ready to ditch Fortnite for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which is set to launch tomorrow.
Fans of Fortnite have even taken to social media to broadcast their plans, with many predicting the ‘death’ of the massively popular battle royale game.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 includes three zombies maps from its release dayPA:Press Association
Another multiplayer first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the long-awaited successor to 2015’s Black Ops III.
It will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC from midnight, and it will feature a battle royale mode that some gamers think will be enough for it to end Fortnite’s long summer of popularity.
“Dear Fortnite, It was fun while it lasted but Black Ops 4 drops midnight. Your time has came to an end,” said one gamer on Twitter.
And while Fortnite enjoyed over 100 million iPhone downloads alone at the peak of its popularity, even some die-hard fans of the game are preparing to dump it in favour of Black Ops 4.
Even hardcore Fortnite fans are gearing up for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
Such comments come as Fortnite experiences a downturn in its rapid growth, with some analysts expecting the UK to reach ‘peak Fortnite’ by Christmas.
This scenario is possible, since sales of the game grew only by 2 per cent in July, having risen by 10 per cent in June and a whopping 30 percent in May.



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And there has also been something of a backlash against the game in recent months from parents and non-gaming adults alike.
Distressed mothers have spoken out against their offsprings’ addictions to Fortnite, while even Prince Harry advised pupils not to play it during an October visit to Sussex.
Such warnings might not be enough on their own to persuade gamers to leave Fornite alone.
The excitement of gamers is turning away from Fortnite to Black Ops 4
However, it would seem from the hype for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 that they might turn away from it for other reasons, at least for now.
Do you think gamers will leave Fortnite for Black Ops 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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