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Squaddies banned from eating Greggs after claims it makes them look unprofessional

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SQUADDIES have been banned from eating Greggs pasties after complaints it makes them look unprofessional.
Troops from the Royal Dragoon Guards were warned that “under no circumstances” should they eat from the popular fast food chain.
Getty – Contributor Visits to Greggs are no longer an option for the troops after being banned from buying pastries from there[/caption]
In a bid to raise standards top brass banned visits to Greggs and as well as smoking cigarettes in uniform or even texting whilst walking down the street.
The new rules for soldiers were revealed after a document about dress and discipline was leaked.
But some Dragoon soldiers in Catterick, North Yorkshire, have vowed to flout the ban and continue enjoying Greggs pastries.
One said: “If I have to go for my pasty in disguise so be it.
AFP – Getty Soldiers have hit back saying they’re still determined to get their pastries[/caption]



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“It is ridiculous for commanders to suggest that somehow we bring the regiment into disrepute because we stand outside Greggs eating pasties. The Greggs ban and some of the other new rules top brass have introduced are crazy.”
Non-commissioned officers have been urged to enforce the rules, the Mail on Sunday reported.
A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: “Healthy living and fitness in the Armed Forces is of vital importance.
“Our personnel are required to pass our challenging fitness tests and those who do not pass are provided with diet and fitness support in order to reach and maintain a healthy weight.”

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Best Christmas sandwiches from high street retailers including Greggs, Aldi, and Tesco

FESTIVITIES begin when the first Christmas sandwich hits the supermarket shelf which is why we’ve taken on the ultimate challenge to find out which ones are worth your cash.
We tried 21 Christmas sarnies (someone had to do it, right?) and ranked them out of five on appearance, taste and value for money for an overall score out of 15.
Sun reporters Hollie Borland and Rachael Clarke tasted supermarket sandwichesThe Sun
Top of the charts was Sainsbury’s newest Christmas sandwich, The Big Beef, based on a beef roast dinner, with an actual Yorkshire pudding in the middle and smothered in gravy mayonnaise.
While it’s not your classic Christmas sarnie it scored well with our taste testers, bagging an impressive 14 out of 15 points.
It scored top marks for appearance and value for money, only falling short by a point on taste because it’s not very festive.
Aldi’s bargain £1.99 Specially Selected turkey with pigs under blankets came in second place, scoring five in value for money, but just missing out on its looks and flavour.
The Simply Turkey and Stuffing dish from Boots’ didn’t fare well, scoring a measly six out of 15, flunking on taste, value and appearance.
Here’s our verdict on which Christmas sandwiches are a hit, and those you should probably skip:
Sainsbury’s The Big Beef, £3 – 14
Appearance: 5, Taste: 5, Value for money: 5
Available: October 22
It looks like a posh Big Mac and tastes delicious too – the Yorkshire pudding in the middle works far better than it sounds. It only missed out on top marks because a beef roast dinner isn’t the most festive of meals
Aldi’s Specially Selected turkey pigs under blankets. £1.99 – 13
Appearance: 4, Taste: 4, Value for money: 5
Available: October 29
One of the cheapest sarnies we tested is a proper meat feast, what with the turkey, sausages and bacon fillers. And at £1.99 it’s great value for money
M&S Three bird roast, £3.80 – 12
Appearance: 5, Taste: 3, Value for money: 4
Available: November 1
Only the turkey filler out of the trio of sandwiches tasted Christmassy, with the hoisin duck reminding us of a Chinese takeaway
Co-op’s coronation turkey brioche roll, £3.15 – 12
Appearance: 4, Taste: 4, Value for money: 4
Available: November 1
The bread to filling ratio is off, and could do with more turkey – but the coronation sauce provides a tasty alternative to cranberry jam
Asda’s festive bubble and squeak, £2.50 – 12
Appearance: 4, Taste: 4, Value for money: 4
Available: November 5
New this year, this veggie option is definitely one that meat eaters will enjoy too. The filling has the texture of stuffing while the sage and onion infused bread really packs a punch
Eat’s brie, cranberry and stuffing on onion seed, £93.95 – 12
Appearance: 5, Taste: 4, Value for money: 3
Available: November 5
The cafe chain’s vegetarian option has a lovely, nutty flavour with the perfect amount of cranberry sauce. But the thin slices of brie are lost in the flavour and at £3.95 it’s on the more expensive side
Boots’ pigs under blankets, £2.75 – 11
Appearance: 3, Taste: 4, Value for money: 4
Available: November 7
The meaty sandwich contains a good amount of sausage and the cranberry sauce has the same effect on the bacon as maple syrup would. A great addition to the line up
Greggs’ Christmas sandwich, £3 – 11
Appearance: 3, Taste: 4, Value for money: 4
Available: November 8
It has everything you need in a festive sarnie including turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. The turkey slices are thick but we’re not sure we’ll be trading in our sausage rolls for the £3 meal
Asda’s turkey and trimmings, £2.50 – 11
Appearance: 3, Taste: 4, Value for money: 4
Available: November 5
The Sun It’s well seasoned, with a lot of meat and generous on the cranberry sauce. There are whole cranberries too so it’s not in danger of being dry[/caption]
Tesco’s festive feast trio, £3.60 – 11
Appearance: 5, Taste: 3, Value for money: 3
Available: November 5
The fillings are inspired by a starter, main and pudding. The bread is light and fluffy but they’re a bit scarce on the filling. The Black Forest gateau inspired dessert roll can’t work out if it’s sweet or savoury, and frankly you’d be better off with a brownie
M&S’ Turkey feast, £3.50 – 11
Appearance: 4, Taste: 4, Value for money: 3
Available: November 1
The sandwich is well filled with crumbly stuffing and crispy bacon. The pulled turkey has a good bite to it and moist texture
Costa’s veggie Christmas lunch wrap, £3.50 – 11
Appearance: 3, Taste: 5, Value for money: 3
Available: November 1
The sweet potato falafel with Wensleydale and cranberry cheese and spiced plum chutney is a sweet twist on the traditional Christmas nut roast. But being in a wrap, it feels like it’s gone in two bites
Eat’s festive full works on malted wheat, £4.25 – 11
Appearance: 4, Taste: 5, Value for money: 2
Available: November 7
The sandwich has a a good bite to it, with thick slices of turkey and stuffing. The spinach adds a refreshing crunch but at £4.25, there are healthier options for your wallet
Aldi’s ham hock and cheddar, £1.69 – 10
Appearance: 4, Taste: 2, Value for money: 4
Available: October 29
This was the second cheapest one that we tried and it tasted like a posher ham and cheese sandwich, with no real Christmassy twist. The ham is salty and at any other time of year it’s a great sandwich but not festive enough for us
Tesco’s turkey trimmings, £2.20 – 9
Appearance: 4, Taste: 2, Value for money: 3
Available: October 29
The turkey trimmings contains all of the meat but despite its appearance it’s bland  and disappointing compared to the other turkey options
Costa’s turkey and emmental shimmer brioche, £3.25 – 9
Appearance: 4, Taste: 3, Value for money: 2
Available: November 1
It certainly looks festive with the gold glitter sprinkled on the bun but the fun doesn’t extend to the taste. There’s more bread than filling so you’ll end up full without the flavour
Sainsbury’s turkey feast with Cumberland stuffing, £2.40 – 8
Appearance: 3, Taste: 2, Value for money: 3
Available: October 22
The sliced turkey tastes okay but the stuffing is strange. It’s cubed, foamy and leaves your mouth dry
Waitrose’s duck, orange relish and red cabbage wrap, £3.20 – 8
Appearance: 3, Taste: 3, Value for money: 2
Available: November 7
There’s no denying that it tastes festive – the orange relish leaves the taste of Christmas pudding in your mouth. But after a second bit, the perfume-y flavour is overpowering. A bit like a festive duck spring roll
Costa’s turkey feast with sweet cranberry sauce, £3.60 – 8
Appearance: 3, Taste: 3, Value for money: 2
Available: November 1
It’s packed full of punchy flavours but the smokey bacon kick is bit much in every bite. There isn’t enough cranberry sauce leaving the bread a little dry
Boots’ Simply turkey and stuffing, £1.50 – 6
Appearance: 2, Taste: 2, Value for money: 2
Available: October 1
New this year, it’s the cheapest sandwich we tried is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s soggy, flavourless and takes the fun out of Christmas



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Eagle-eyed shoppers have already spotted festive sarnies at Boots, including flavours such as Turkey, Bacon & Stuffing, Parsnip Fritter & Butternut Squash and Pigs Under Blankets.
Iceland has launched crisps which taste like a Christmas TREE – and it could be one of the most controversial flavours ever created.
Move over pigs in blankets, Tesco is launching pigs in duvets and we can’t wait to get our hands on the flaky puff pastry treats.

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