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Page 3 icon Rhian Sugden vows NEVER to go topless as her boobs belong to her new husband Oliver Mellor

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BUSTY beauty Rhian Sugden has bared her boobs for the last time now she is married.
She dropped the bombshell that after 12 years of getting her kit off — with her debut in The Sun in 2006 — she will make a final topless appearance in her 2019 calendar.
Rhian Sugden says she has done her last topless calendar shoot
The 32-year-old is adamant she will now only go topless around new husband, former Corrie actor Oliver Mellor, 37, who she married last month in Turkey.
Disappointing millions of fans, she told The Sun on Sunday: “It’s going to be my last topless calendar.
“Now I’m married, I don’t enjoy topless modelling any more.
“It’s not like Oliver is bothered by me doing it but I think it’s a sign of respect to him. They are his now!
Oliver joined Rhian on one of her topless shoots last yearAlison Webster – The Sun

“I always thought that when I got married it would be my last one.
“There’s nothing wrong with it but I’m busy with other stuff. I needed to put a cap on it.”
Manchester-born Rhian admits she considered packing it in earlier this year but was a bit hasty.
She added: “I did say before that I wouldn’t do any more topless modelling.
“But then when you get offered the money to do things, it’s a bit like, ‘Just one more’.
Rhian became a success in The Sun with Page 3Jay Mawson – The Sun
“But now I’m married I can definitely say this is going to be my last topless calendar. It’s like a new chapter.
“Oliver wouldn’t mind me carrying on. But if I don’t stop now, I’m just going to continue putting it off.
“It’s the end of an era but it’s a happy ending, as I’ve finished on top and it’s been my choice.
“I don’t feel sad. I’ve done it for enough years.
“There are only so many pictures of my boobs that need to be shown and there are so many on the internet.”
Rhian is one of Britain’s best known glamour modelsInstagram
After launching her career at 19, Rhian’s 32E-25-34 curves quickly established her one of the most recognisable glamour models.
She was later caught up in two sexting scandals with TV presenter Vernon Kay behind the back of his wife, Strictly host Tess Daly, in 2010 and 2016.
And being a household name has come at a price as the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant has been left battling with crippling insecurities.
She said: “I’m getting more body-conscious as I get older. I’ve been doing topless modelling for years and from what I used to look like to now is not where I want to be.
Rhian is going to be keeping her boobs under wrapsPaul Cousans – The Sun
“When I look at pictures when I was younger, I think I look good. Then I look at now . . .
“I’m not saying I look awful but I’m not as comfortable as I was.”
Her assets almost ruined the wedding day when her dress had to be reinforced at the last minute to hold them in.
Rhian said: “I had so much trouble with my dress because my boobs are so big it was hard to find a dress to fit them.
Rhian says she struggled to find a wedding dress to fitMatrix Pictures
“I tried on more than 60 dresses to find that one and it was strapless.
“I then needed 12 fittings to have it altered and two weeks before the wedding I was crying my eyes out thinking I was going to have to get another dress.
“It had to be reinforced with straps and added bone structure to support my boobs.
“They’ve got me through life so far but I’d have done anything to have smaller ones on the day.”
Rhian hopes to start a family with her new husband OliverMatrix Pictures
Now looking to the future with Oliver — best known as Coronation Street’s Dr Matt Carter — she hopes they can start a family.
But Rhian admits she is trying to remain positive they can conceive naturally, after learning two large cysts had grown back on her ovaries this year despite surgery to remove them.
The couple have been trying for a baby throughout their five-year relationship but stopped for the wedding.
She said: “It’s bizarre how you spend most of your younger years trying not to get pregnant then when you want to, your ovaries think differently.
Rhian and Oliver are currently trying for a babyrhiansuggers/Instagram
“I’ve had quite a lot of fertility issues and get upset most months when I have my period.
“We’ve tried so hard. We’re on vitamins and trying to eat and drink healthily.”
The couple plan to seek fertility treatment if they have no luck. Rhian added: “We have spoken about going down the IVF route but we don’t want to give up yet.
“I’ve just turned 32 so it’s not too late. We’ll give it another year and see how we get on.
“Then it will be medical intervention or we’ll adopt.”
Rhian says there are enough topless pictures of her around that she doesn’t need to do any moreInstagram
The sensitivity about trying to start a family recently led Rhian to hit out at people asking when she was going to have a baby.
She wrote to her 374,000 Twitter followers: “Do people think they grow on trees or that I can just pick one up from Tesco?
“For some people it’s not that easy! Don’t ask 30-plus women when the babies are coming!”
Rhian made her topless debut in 2006 in The Sun
Rhian was inundated with support. She said: “People need to think more before they speak.
“I get really offended with the way people ask. Oliver appeared on The Wright Stuff and Trisha Goddard asked him four times on live TV about when he was going to have kids.
“He had to tell her it was none of her business. He’s 38 soon. She shouldn’t be asking him why he hasn’t got kids yet.
“If it was up to me then we would have had three by now.”
Rhian on a shoot for The Sun earlier this year in BlackpoolGlen Minikin – The Sun



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For now, Rhian is adjusting to life as Mrs Mellor.
She said: “I love being married and feel a lot closer to Oliver now.
“I think because we had so much to plan before the wedding, it’s nice to just be able to have ‘us time’ again.
“We feel complete now and more like a unit — me, Oliver and our two little cat babies.”

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