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Save on your chocolate habit by swapping the big name bars for these cheaper alternatives — plus how you can win £15,000

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NOW here’s a truly sweet saving for you.
The Twin Peaks choc bar became Poundland’s fastest-selling item ever when it was launched last year.
Under the wrapper, it looked a lot like Toblerone and it tastes like one too. But it costs around £3 less.
No wonder the makers of Toblerone weren’t happy. Poundland has since changed the shape.
Here are some more choc swaps to slash your supermarket spend.

Best for Bounty hunters. Nuts about coconut? At Sainsbury’s, a pack of ten treat-size Bounty bars costs £1.50. But Aldi has you covered with Romeo bars — just 85p for ten.
SAVE: 65p

Get a Twix fix. Biscuit addicts would have to shell out £1 for a four-pack of Twix at Morrisons — still good value at 25p a bar. But at Lidl, Mister Choc Caramel & Biscuit bars are 81p for five, around 16p a bar.
SAVE: 19p

Are you a Snickers seeker? The peanutty classic is £1.50 for four at Sainsbury’s. But we like Tesco’s Nutty Nougat Caramel, which tastes just as good. It is just 85p for six, or just over 14p per bar, as opposed to 38p for the Snickers.
SAVE: 65p

Mad on Milky Ways? They usually cost around £2.79 for a fun-size pack of 18, although you can get them for £1.69 at starbargains.co.uk.
But Aldi’s Dreemy bars are just 81p for 15. They cost just over 5p a bar, compared to 9p. Those little savings soon add up.
SAVE: 88p

Lindt for less. Lindt are the ultimate luxury bars . . . and the price reflects that. The Lindt Excellence Dark Orange Intense is £1.50 per 100g at Tesco. Try the similar JD Gross 70 Per Cent Dark Ecuador Chocolate with Orange at Lidl for £1.29. You get 25g more for that price too.SAVE: 21p
PRICES on this page correct at time of going to press. Deals and offers are subject to availability.

Designer double
Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Night Serum Capsules are £42
But the Nspa Expert Nightly Revitalising Retinol Capsules are just £10 at Asda
SWAP Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Night Serum Capsules for the Nspa Expert Nightly Revitalising Retinol Capsules at Asda.
SAVE: £32
Reader’s saving tip
SOFIYA LULHAM, of Worthing, West Sussex, says: “Dilute concentrated fruit juice with water. Kids won’t notice the difference and it goes so much further.”

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Deal of the day
This Missguided Jaw To The Floor Beauty Vending Machine is just £19.50 until Thursday at Boots
PREP for Christmas with a Boots Star Gift. Get this Missguided Jaw To The Floor Beauty Vending Machine. Was £40, just £19.50 until Thursday.
SAVE: £20.50
Save a fiver
Save £5 on this Happyland advent calendar from Mothercare
TREAT little ones with this Happyland advent calendar from Mothercare. Was £25, just £20 until Wednesday.
My Sun Savers fiver
WILLIAM HELM of Abingdon, Oxon, says: “I just got back from a fantastic £9.50 Sun Holiday in Cornwall – and I’m saving my fivers for next one.

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Cheap treat
Tuk Tuk Chai is on offer at Sainsbury’s for £1.35
ENJOY the new taste of Indian street tea brewed with milk. Tuk Tuk Chai is on offer at Sainsbury’s. Was £1.80, now £1.35. Deal ends Wednesday.
SAVE: 45p
Shop & save
The Alcatel 3V is now £99.95 at Argos
DIAL up a new smartphone. The Alcatel 3V was £149.95, now £99.95 at Argos. Handset comes in black or gold. Offer ends Tuesday.
SAVE: £50
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