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Black Ops 4 download info, release date, day one patch – all the latest Call of Duty 2018 news, trailers and multiplayer details

CALL of Duty is a BACK with Black Ops 4 in a matter of days — and it’s going to need a huge patch on day one.
It won’t feature a single-player campaign, but it will feature the series’ traditional multiplayer modes, multiple Zombie modes and a Battle Royal mode called Blackout.
The next Call of Duty game is probably going to be released by Treyarch this year
Call of Duty 2018 release date – when is Black Ops 4 out?
The global launch is today (October 12, 2018) on Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Battle.net.
However, some shops in the UK let you pick-up your pre-orders on Thursday October 11.
Smyth’s Toys, for instance, are allowing anyone with a pre-order to collect their physical copies of the game from 6pm.

Call of Duty #BlackOps4 Release You can pick up your pre-order copy from 6pm on Thursday 11th October from any Smyths Toys Superstores Secure yours right here: https://t.co/2uKE5gSD6j #CODNATION pic.twitter.com/c3Mh40tvBi
— Smyths Toys UK (@SmythsToysUK) October 8, 2018

Some Game stores are also offering a similar service in lieu of a midnight launch.
While those who grab the game early won’t be able to play early, they may well be able to get a headstart on downloading the inevitable day-one patch to enable them to keep up with their digital-buying counterparts.

ATTENTION! This Thursday October 11th we are opening our doors at 18:00pm til 19:00pm for you lot to pick up your copy of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, ready to play at midnight! Don't miss out because we are NOT OPEN for midnight launch! pic.twitter.com/0QX7E5pSfz
— GAME Newport (@GAMENewport) October 8, 2018

How much space with the download take up?
You’ll need to free up at least 42.64GB on your Xbox One–and it’s reasonable to expect a similar sort of size on PS4 too.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (Standard Plus Edition), £49.99 – buy it now
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Pro Edition, £109.99 – buy it now
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Mystery Box, £179.99 – buy it now

Call of Duty Black Ops IV Multiplayer Live Stream – what was revealed?
Fan-favourite maps will be making a return. Jungle, Summit and Firing Range from Black Ops I have been rebuilt for Black Ops 4, as has Slums from Black Ops 2.
They will all be available at launch.
As expected, Nuketown will return. It is closest to the Cold War iteration from Black Ops I — but it will come out as free post-launch DLC, rather than being packaged with the game at launch.
A new mode called Control is objective-based, and will featured a shared pool of lives for players on the same team
Healing changes were the first focus of the live stream reveal. The focus on healing — via stim shots — is meant to extend combat for tactical players.
Healing it no longer automatic, and the manual healing process will take the player out of action for a short time.
This is meant to make a deeper and more complex combat experience.
Call of Duty 2018 Community Event – what was revealed?
The game will be set “between Black Ops II and Black Ops III” – so some time in the near future.
The debut multiplayer trailer showed off a mix of familiar-looking modern weapons and advanced technology, such as auto-building barricades, assault-rifle size flamethrowers and some brutal-looking melee weapons.
These weapons will feature a new modding system, and a whole new class of mod that will change the way weapons operate and reward players who invest time learning a particular weapon.

The weapon attachment system has been overhauled, with operator mods fundamentally altering the way weapons work
Health has been totally overhauled for Black Ops IIII, and recovery needs to be triggered manually
Black Ops 4 will also feature a couple of changes that will have a major impact on gameplay — fog of war and healing.
Healing will no longer be automatic – Black Ops 4 will require players to use a dedicated button to start the healing process, and render themselves vulnerable. There is also a medic class who will be able to heal other players and even boost their maximum health.

Will Call of Duty Black Ops 4 have a Fortnite-like Battle Royale Mode?
Yes. It will feature “the most iconic parts” of previous Black Ops maps, mashed up into one enormous map. The resulting frankenmap will be 100 times larger than a classic Black Ops multiplayer map.
80 players will go head-to-head in Blackout, initially, though is subject to change after the beta or launch.
The mode, called Blackout, will also feature playable characters and weapons from the series’ zombie modes, and draw from the series entire history to create a battle royale experience that is “uniquely Black Ops”.
There will be AI-controlled zombies, as well vehicles.
The vehicles revealed so far include a five-man truck and helicopter alongside and two-man ATV and Zodiac boat.
Call of Duty 2018 zombies – will there be a zombie mode in Black Ops 4?
Oh yes. They are an “essential part” of the Black Ops experience, according to Treyarch.
The developer says it’s gone back to the drawing board for Black Ops 4’s zombie mode, ten years after it first appeared in Call of Duty: World at War.
Zombies are back… and as terrifying as ever
The trailer shows the players making very short work of the undead in pleasingly visceral ways
All-new player characters will be facing off against a new enemy.
The Community Reveal trailer showed off the player characters as Roman gladiators facing off in a giant arena against a horde of zombies, and then watching a slave be transformed into a giant zombie. This forms the basis for the first map, called IX.
A second zombie map set on the Titanic called A Voyage of Despair is also promised.
Fan-favourite Mob Of the Dead is also set to return as Blood of the Dead, bringing the total to three zombie “experiences”promised for launch.

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Call of Duty 2018 trailer – is there any Black Ops 4 gameplay footage yet?
There is, courtesy of the sizzling multiplayer trailer. More will undoubtedly be coming soon.

Will Black Ops 4 PC be on Battle.net and will it still have dedicated servers?
The PC version of Black Ops 4 is being developed in conjunction with Beenox and Blizzard, and will be  available on Battle.net.
It will also have all the Battle.net social features integrated, allowing communication with Overwatch players, among others.
Despite being integrated into the Battle.net system, Activision has promised the system will still have its own dedicated servers.
What would you like to see from Black Ops 4? Let us know in the comments!

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