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Derek Carr addresses rumors about dissension with Raiders teammates

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been struggling, but not only that, he’s been having to deal with the rumors about a possible disconnect between him and his teammates.
A report from Marcus Thompson of The Athletic stated that the relationship between Carr and his teammates has been “fractured.” Not only that, it went on to state that Raiders players were beginning to lose faith in Carr.
Well, it doesn’t appear that the Raiders quarterback is really worried about the rumors. He addressed them in speaking to TMZ Sports, and essentially said they’re exactly that — rumors — and are fabricated by the team’s haters, as well as those looking to draw attention to themselves.
Here’s what he had to say:
“The amount of texts that I received yesterday, people hitting me up former teammates, a whole bunch of teammates obviously that are on the team now saying, ‘Don’t worry about this crap man, we got your back.’” 
Carr then theorized that the people responsible for the rumors are having trouble dealing with the Raiders’ rough start to the season.
“A lot of people don’t like going through tough times, but I tell you what, I love it. I actually embrace it.”

It’s better to embrace the rumors, rather than running from them — a la Kawhi Leonard — so it’s good that Carr is being transparent about the situation.

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