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Giannis Antetokounmpo drills James Harden with ball (Video)

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One of the strongest players in the NBA beaned one of the best offensive players in league history during Wednesday’s Bucks-Rockets game, and you can watch it happen, in case you missed it.
It happened in the fourth quarter of Wednesday’s game, and happened to be completely inadvertent. Regardless, Giannis Antetokounmpo was backing a defender down, when he tried to sling a no-look pass all the way to the corner.
Unfortunately for James Harden, he was in the passing lane, and the ball drilled him — knocking him to the court.
Ouch. This serves as further proof that The Greek Freak is a destroyer of worlds.

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Look: James Harden steals Christmas with neon highlighter suit, sparking memes

Category : NBA , Rockets , Trending Now

Rockets superstar James Harden rolled up to the team’s Christmas Day showdown with the Thunder looking like a neon Grinch.
Harden, who is known for his eccentric suits, rocked one of the better ones we’ve seen from him before the game at Toyota Center, and it’s safe to say he lit up the building.
Without futher ado, we present Harden — neon highlighter Grinch edition.

James Harden Appears #NBAXmas pic.twitter.com/MQvZnsIpQa
— 3030 (@jose3030) December 25, 2018

The memes followed soon after.

harden about to be in a vice city cutscene pic.twitter.com/bEY17CQ8Dr
— Desus Nice (@desusnice) December 25, 2018

James H(uman glowstick)arden pic.twitter.com/KPy1tGod4R
— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) December 25, 2018

The highlight of the day pic.twitter.com/mEXecVEo6u
— The Crossover (@TheCrossover) December 25, 2018

grinch harden is def trying for 70 today pic.twitter.com/PL5q3rJMWu
— Harry Lyles Jr. (@harrylylesjr) December 25, 2018

We expect a big game from Harden, given his pregame attire. If you rock a suit like that, you’d better put up 30+ , and Harden likely will.

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Look: James Harden's flower-covered suit is a hippie's dream outfit

Category : NBA , Rockets , Take a Look

Reigning MVP James Harden has been known to rock some eccentric outfits over the years.
TSD readers know we’re big fans of what he, Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton have been known to rock before and after games. They have no problem walking up to the podium decked out in bright, flashy outfits that few others can pull off.
Friday’s game against the Spurs was no different. Harden strolled into AT&T Center wearing a flower-themed suit, which probably brightened reporters’ days.

National TV Drip #TissotStyleWatch | @TISSOT pic.twitter.com/M3SAAtyAv1
— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) November 30, 2018

Somehow, Harden made it work, with the white kicks and red Beats headphones. We predict a big game for him tonight.

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Rockets owner Daryl Morey throws shade at Rajon Rondo

Category : NBA , Rockets , Updates

The Rajon Rondo-Chris Paul fight has polarized the NBA community, with players and coaches taking sides on the issue. Some stand with Rondo, while others have been backing CP3.
Rockets owner Daryl Morey stood up for his player on Tuesday, but did so in a very subtle way. Check out this subtweet, essentially insinuating that Rondo’s comments were a bit hypocritical (pot calling kettle black).

— Daryl Morey (@dmorey) October 23, 2018

The tweet was a response to Rondo having this to say on Tuesday:
“Everyone wants to believe Chris Paul is a good guy,” he said, va ESPN. “They don’t know he’s a horrible teammate.”
Shade thrown.

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Watch: James Harden gets away with comically blatant travel, ref doesn't care

Category : NBA , Rockets

Rockets superstar James Harden, as well as LeBron James, has been known to get the benefit of a few extra steps during games sometimes, and that was surely the case on Tuesday night.
Maybe it was because the preseason game against the Suns didn’t count for anything, or maybe it was because the NBA allows its stars to play by a different set of rules. Whatever the reason, Harden was on the perimeter during the game, when he elected to literally carry the ball behind his back and pull up for a three-pointer — which he drained.

Did Harden travel? pic.twitter.com/lvDULxmETi
— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) October 10, 2018

Normally, it’s required that you put the ball on the floor — you know, dribble it — to pull off a maneuver like that, but apparently not.

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