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Drug and alcohol addiction are taking a shocking toll on our nation but what are we really doing to tackle this growing epidemic?

THE sudden spike in deaths caused by abuse of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax is alarming enough in itself.
Figures show there have been over 200 fatalities in the UK between 2015 and 2017 and more than half of them took place in Scotland.
Getty – Contributor The spike in deaths from Xanax is alarming[/caption]
That’s a shocking statistic.
What’s happened to our young people? Is there something uniquely damaged amongst Scots that prompts us to plunge headlong into drugs and alcohol?
The damage caused by substance abuse is quite literally there for all to see. Glassy-eyed addicts are shambling through every city centre, filling up shop doorways,
begging for the cash they need to get their next fix.
Drug-related deaths are inexorably ticking up towards 1,000 a year in Scotland. The casualty rate has doubled in a decade.
PA:Press Association What’s happened to our young people? Is there something uniquely damaged amongst Scots that prompts us to plunge headlong into drugs and alcohol?[/caption]
And, for the ones that don’t die on some filthy floor, there’s nothing to look forward to but a brief lifetime of misery and illness.
But too often treatment is not available until the victims turn into criminals.
We need a radical change of policy to turn this from an issue of criminality and into one of health.
And it can’t come soon enough.

Anti-anxiety drug Xanax kills 126 vulnerable Scots in two years as deaths from medicine abuse peak

Home truths
NICOLA Sturgeon won’t be answering First Minister’s Questions tomorrow because she’s off in America at the moment.
But, when she comes home, she could answer some questions — like: “Why did you go, First Minister?”
During her trip, she spent ten minutes talking to the PBS TV channel, which is ten minutes more than she has allowed the Scottish Press for quite some time.
She has made some speeches getting torn in to the UK Government’s Brexit policy while telling the Americans that independence is the best possible outcome for
Scotland . . . but not yet.



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And Ms Sturgeon met New Jersey governor Phil Murphy to “discuss shared ambitions around tackling climate change”, ahead of meetings at the UN in New York today on gender equality.
Why do the Americans care what she thinks of Brexit?
Once the governor of New Jersey has shaken hands and agreed that global warming is a really bad thing, what then?
Who is going to stand up in some distant committee room of the UN, very, very far away from the main council chamber, and disagree about gender equality? What does the
First Minister’s presence add to their discussions?

Remember, Ms Sturgeon snubbed the last Brexit meeting with Theresa May, the Chancellor and the Foreign Secretary.
But she’s not too busy to meet the governor of New Jersey.
Is any of this international grand-standing going to bring a penny of investment to Scotland? Will it fix the NHS or sort out ScotRail or soften the blow of Brexit?
Those should be the priorities — not foreign trips.

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