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Social Media Reacts To Vince McMahon And TruthTV Segment On WWE 'SmackDown 1000'

This week’s historic WWE Smackdown 1000 special kicked off with the new, unlikely pairing of R-Truth and Carmella hosting an episode of Truth TV featuring special guest Stephanie McMahon.
It did not take long for the segment, which was filled with dance breaks, to devolve into Stephanie McMahon praising herself as the original General Manager of the Blue Brand.

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The segment also featured special appearances by current Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon, and an eventual appearance by Shane and Stephanie’s father, Vince McMahon.
The social media world has since reacted to the Truth TV segment this week, and you can check out some of the comments below.

Vince with the 7 second dance break!!! #truthtv #sd1000
— Renee Young (@ReneeYoungWWE) October 17, 2018

#SD1000 kicks off with EPISODE #2 of #TruthTV with @RonKillings and @CarmellaWWE! pic.twitter.com/6zlgYxjWcU
— WWE (@WWE) October 17, 2018

This Duo does it how it should be done! #FabulousTruth #SmackDown1000 #TruthTV @WWE @CarmellaWWE pic.twitter.com/01m1yZaznc
— WWE R-Truth (@RonKillings) October 17, 2018

Get it, @RonKillings & @CarmellaWWE! #TruthTV #sd1000 pic.twitter.com/2RAtJUwDTc
— Rev. Mike Jones (@mikejonesradio) October 17, 2018

The McMahons have the moves. #smackdown1000 #wwe #truthtv @VinceMcMahon @StephMcMahon @shanemcmahon
— Kayla Braxton (@KaylaBraxtonWWE) October 17, 2018

I'd be pretty stoked if @CarmellaWWE & @RonKillings opened #SDLive1000 with some #TruthTV pic.twitter.com/H3JFx0S3Ww
— Amanda (@KayFabeulous) October 16, 2018

This was such an amazing moment! Wow, I’m still in shock that happened. Shane is money and I am also money. It was just perfect! #SDLive #TruthTV pic.twitter.com/2KusHkAkOR
— Carmella. (@SovereignMella) October 17, 2018

Before the segment was able to turn into sibling rivalry between Shane and Stephanie McMahon, Shane thanked the fans in attendance in Washington for supporting Smackdown throughout the years. Shane then welcomed Stephanie to the “A” show, a claim with which Stephanie took exception, labelling her brand, Monday Night Raw, as the true “A” show and flagship show in WWE.
Vince McMahon’s music finally hit and the WWE Chairman and CEO made his long-awaited return to Smackdown Live to silence his waring children.

LOVE the rub R Truth got in the opening segment last night. #TruthTV is truly one of the most over things going today.#SD1000 pic.twitter.com/2p8ZO1IBgM
— TWC (@TheWrestlingCov) October 17, 2018

Once Vince hit the ring, he reminded Shane and Stephanie that the fans in attendance do not want to see the respective Commissioners bicker, but instead want to be entertained. After Stephanie McMahon took a shot at her father’s age by telling the WWE Universe that Vince was wearing his hearing aid in the ring, Vince put an end to the segment by calling for one final dance break featuring himself, Truth and Carmella.

#truthtv is the greatest thing on smackdown @CarmellaWWE @RonKillings even got the bosses dances way better then #MizTV #sd1000 pic.twitter.com/SgFb2EPxBX
— Cyborg Mcintyre (@CyborgWarrior18) October 17, 2018

The segment concluded with WWE Champion AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan hitting the ring for their big tag team match against The Usos. As noted, Bryan will be challenging Styles for the WWE Title at the upcoming Crown Jewel PPV taking place on November 2nd in Saudi Arabia.

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Current WWE Tag Team Teases Return At 'SmackDown 1000' After Long Absence

WWE will likely pull out all the stops for the huge ‘SmackDown 1000′ episode on Tuesday night, which should give fans a special trip down memory lane, including one of the best SmackDown Superstars in the show’s long history as guest host.
But it could be a perfect time for current Superstars to make an impression as well.
Members of the tag team SANitY, Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe, have taken to Twitter to post some interesting tweets.

10.16.18 10:00pm EST soon it will become clear for you! I will show you how to really see! #SANitY #WWE #Smackdown pic.twitter.com/ICmnz3fGy6
— Eric Young (@TheEricYoung) October 13, 2018

#SAnitY is ready to #purge#WWERaleigh #WWECharlottesville #WWERichmond #untedwepurge #[email protected]
And don't forget 10/16/18 10pm east pic.twitter.com/X7safP8f3L
— Alexander Wolf[e] (@TheWWEWolfe) October 13, 2018

Learn why it started! #SANitY #WWE #smackdown https://t.co/gmelWfyf1m
— Eric Young (@TheEricYoung) October 14, 2018

The tweets make reference to the time and date of the show as if to say that the team comprised of Young, Wolfe and Killian Dain will make a surprise return to the show.
The last time SANitY appeared in the ring on SmackDown was in a match against The Uso’s on September 4. They haven’t competed on a pay-per-view since defeating The New Day in a Tables Match back at Extreme Rules in July.
Photo: WWE.com
Since being called up to the main roster from NXT this past spring, SANitY have floundered on WWE’s blue brand. It took weeks to even debut the team on television and they were placed in matches with The Uso’s and New Day that didn’t do much to build any long-term storylines.
WWE held a tournament to determine No.1 contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team titles and they were eliminated by New Day in the first round.
While in NXT, they became one of the more dominant groups in promotion history, becoming NXT Tag Team champions while also participating in the first War Games match in over 20 years.
If SANitY does make an appearance Tuesday night, let’s hope it’s one that will lead to something meaningful for what is a really talented trio. With the Bludgeon Brothers off television while Erick Rowan nurses a torn bicep, perhaps SANitY could get a chance at being the show’s top heel tag team?

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