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Look: Jerry Jones buys enormous $250 million yacht

Category : Cowboys , NFL , Take a Look

Anyone that has been to AT&T Stadium knows that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones does everything big. The team’s home venue resembles more of a nightclub than a stadium, as Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll once said.
Not only that, Jones even boasts next-level leisure options, as we recently learned. TMZ Sports obtained a photo of his new superyacht — which, by the way, cost $250 million.
It’s called “Bravo Eugenia,” is 357 feet long (!), has two helipads and a gym on board. Check out the photo of the yacht — which looks more like a military assault boat than anything else.

Yes, that’s real.

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Damian Lillard brings custom leg lamp to game as 'A Christmas Story' tribute

There were a lot of great pregame looks by NBA players on Christmas Day, but none of them were as good as what we saw from one particular player before the final game of the night tipped off.
James Harden rocked a neon-colored, Grinch-like suit, while Lonzo Ball went with a more traditional look, wearing a Big Baller Brand Christmas sweater.
But Blazers guard Damian Lillard really won the day.
Lillard rolled into Vivint Smart Home Arena for the game against the Jazz with a lamp that was made to look like his leg, complete with a sneaker and all. It was a tribute to the leg lamp from the 1983 cult classic film, “A Christmas Story.”

Dame paying homage to 'A Christmas Story' with his own leg lamp
(via @nba)pic.twitter.com/qPHPxaEShD
— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 26, 2018

Props to Lillard for thinking outside the box to embrace the holiday spirit.

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Jaylen Brown stares Giannis Antetokounmpo down after dunking on him (Video)

Category : Bucks , Featured , NBA , Take a Look

Jaylen Brown showed no fear in challenging one of the most dominant interior defenders in the NBA during Friday’s game.
The Celtics trailed the Bucks for nearly the entirety of the game, but Brown gave the fans at TD Garden something to cheer about in the fourth quarter. He set up on the perimeter, then drove the lane — blowing by Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon in the process. He was challenged by Giannis Antetokounmpo at the rim, but rather than adjusting his shot, Brown dunked all over the Greek Freak.
Brown let Antetokounmpo know about it afterward, too, as he gave his counterpart a pretty epic staredown.

Well OK THEN, Jaylen Brown: pic.twitter.com/UM5ubaCPZX
— InsideHoops.com NBA (@InsideHoops) December 22, 2018

Brown was hit with a technical for staring Antetokounmpo down, but that certainly didn’t take away from the highlight-reel dunk.

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Look: Stands were empty at Pac-12 Championship game between Utah, Washington

Category : NCAA , Take a Look

The Pac-12 title game this year featured one of the most surprising matchups in years, with Washington and Utah squared off, and a Rose Bowl berth on the line.
However, the problem is that there was virtually no one in the stands to watch the pivotal matchup. Fans of both teams didn’t seem to want to travel to the Bay Area for Friday’s game, and they certainly didn’t want to attempt to deal with the traffic that goes along with Levi’s Stadium.

Six minutes until kickoff. A Rose Bowl berth on the line. pic.twitter.com/kE4Ps6itcm
— Stewart Mandel (@slmandel) December 1, 2018

Maybe fans knew that the game would be a defensive slugfest, with the first points being scored in the third quarter (a field goal). Washington went on to win, 10-3, but not many fans were there to see them win.

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Russell Westbrook taunts Hawks after getting into it with Vince Carter (Video)

Category : Featured , NBA , Take a Look , Thunder

Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook has been known to get into heated altercations with opposing players and fans during games, and Friday’s matchup with the Hawks was no different.
Westbrook was seen jawing at Hawks veteran forward Vince Carter after one particular play in the third quarter of the game. The ball rolled out of bounds, and a Hawks player seated on the bench tossed it toward Westbrook. That didn’t go over well with Westbrook, who threw it back in disgust. He then had some words with Carter, and the two were hit with technical fouls.
That wasn’t the end of the exchange, though. Westbrook hit a tough fadeaway jumper on the play that followed, then pointed right at the Hawks bench and did his signature “rock the baby” gesture to rub it in.

Russ and Vince both get T'd up and jaw at each other.
Next play: Russ hits a jumper right in front of the Hawks bench, points at them and rocks the baby pic.twitter.com/Cyy2002m2F
— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) December 1, 2018

Westbrook is always worth the price of admission.

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Look: James Harden's flower-covered suit is a hippie's dream outfit

Category : NBA , Rockets , Take a Look

Reigning MVP James Harden has been known to rock some eccentric outfits over the years.
TSD readers know we’re big fans of what he, Russell Westbrook and Cam Newton have been known to rock before and after games. They have no problem walking up to the podium decked out in bright, flashy outfits that few others can pull off.
Friday’s game against the Spurs was no different. Harden strolled into AT&T Center wearing a flower-themed suit, which probably brightened reporters’ days.

National TV Drip #TissotStyleWatch | @TISSOT pic.twitter.com/M3SAAtyAv1
— Houston Rockets (@HoustonRockets) November 30, 2018

Somehow, Harden made it work, with the white kicks and red Beats headphones. We predict a big game for him tonight.

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Look: Von Miller, Aqib Talib, Todd Gurley spotted at Rockets-Nuggets game

Category : Broncos , Featured , NFL , Nuggets , Rams , Take a Look

Aqib Talib and Von Miller were teammates just one year ago, but the former Broncos cornerback was traded to the Rams back in March.
It appears that the two have remained friends, though, judging by what we saw on Tuesday night. A number of Rams players attended Tuesday’s Rockets-Nuggets game at Pepsi Center. being that the team is currently staying in Colorado Springs. That was what their travel plans entailed, in preparation for next Monday’s game against the Chiefs, which was initially scheduled to take place in Mexico City (but will now be played in Los Angeles).
A number of Rams players — including Todd Gurley, Marcus Peters, Jared Goff and Michael Brockers  — were seen sitting together courtside. As for Talib, he sat right next to Miller.

Here's the video pic.twitter.com/iM4aPhPKET
— CJ Fogler (@cjzero) November 14, 2018

Pepsi Center was chock full of celebrities seated courtside for the big game. They sure picked an entertaining matchup to watch, given those two offensive juggernauts.

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Michael Thomas perfectly recreates Joe Horn's flip-phone celebration after TD (Video)

Category : NFL , Saints , Take a Look

Social media went nuts after Michael Thomas paid homage to one of the greatest receivers in Saints history during Saturday’s game against the Rams.
Thomas came up with a huge play in a clutch situation, as great receivers often do, which essentially daggered the Rams. Brees found him running a vertical route, and Thomas did the rest. The end result was a 73-yard touchdown late in the fourth quarter, giving the Saints a 10-point lead.
But it was the celebration that followed that drew reactions. Thomas pulled out a flip phone from under the goalpost and held it to his ear — just like Horn did roughly 15 years ago.

: FOX #GOSAINTS @cantguardmike pic.twitter.com/ire43pp5TD
— NFL (@NFL) November 5, 2018

That was too great for words, but we have to wonder, how does one even go about procuring a flip phone? Maybe Thomas was bored scouring eBay one day.

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Watch: Clippers curiously played Austin Rivers tribute video in return to LA

Category : Clippers , Featured , NBA , Take a Look

NBA teams are getting a bit less selective when it comes to honoring former players, it seems.
Austin Rivers played for the Clippers from 2015-18, up until he was traded to the Wizards over the summer.
And while Rivers was a solid role player for the Clippers, he was never really anything more than that. His best season, production-wise, came last year, when he averaged 15.1 points per game, and four assists.
That’s why it was a bit surprising when the Clippers played a tribute video during a stoppage of play in the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Wizards. It was Rivers’ first return to Staples Center, so the team showed some love for him with a tribute video.
Tribute videos are all the rage these days.

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Look: This massive lightning bolt lit up Fenway Park before Game 1 of World Series

Category : Dodgers , MLB , Red Sox , Take a Look

The first game of the 2018 Fall Classic at Fenway Park was lit — literally — thanks to an extremely small strike zone from home-plate umpire Tim Timmons.
Not only that, the sky was lit as well before the game, due to Mother Nature’s influence on baseball’s biggest stage of the season.
There were thunderstorms in the forecast, and, sure enough, they came — as advertised. Check out this one particular bolt of lightning, which looked like something out of a movie.

Is that … lightning? @rgaut999 captures the lightning as a storm passes through Fenway Park before Game 1 of the #WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/ELHIQ3qxSq
— L.A. Times Sports (@latimessports) October 24, 2018

Wait for it! Check out the lightening at Fenway Park!! @redsox @dodgers @MLB #worldseries #octoberbaseball pic.twitter.com/4cIv1VEjTJ
— Janet Wu (@JanetWuNews) October 23, 2018

Video: Lightning strike just seconds ago. Empty seats out at Fenway Park right now as lightning and rain continues to be an issue. #RedSox #Dodgers #WorldSeries first pitch is supposed to be at 8:09. @NBC10Boston pic.twitter.com/Ul5wQ4SPLq
— Raul Martinez (@RaulNBCBoston) October 23, 2018

The stands were cleared as a result, but fans were allowed to return to their seats for the first pitch, scheduled for just after 8:05 p.m. ET.

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