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Current WWE 'SmackDown Live' Star Could Be Facing Ronda Rousey At 'WrestleMania 35'

Ronda Rousey’s journey in WWE has been well publicized not only by the pro wrestling media but by the mainstream media as well. The current Raw Women’s champion has fully established herself in the company and she is perhaps the most highly marketable female Superstars in WWE.
But the question of who she will face at WrestleMania 35 has been asked from the moment she first debuted with Vince McMahon’s company. Now there may be an answer. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Comic Book) is reporting that Becky Lynch may be the one to face The Baddest Woman on the Planet.
Photo: WWE
Evidently Lynch has gained such an edge since her infamous heel turn that the company is looking at her in a whole new light. Becky is so hot right now that it may just be enough to book the Irish Lass Kicker against Rousey on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

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This news surely comes as a surprise to many WWE fans, who believed it would be Charlotte Flair that would get the nod against Ronda. It seemed like the perfect match due to the status of both stars. Ronda represented the world of MMA and Charlotte represented the world of WWE.
Photo: WWE
But is seems that as Becky’s star continues to burn bright, Charlotte’s has somewhat dimmed. Though the company likely didn’t expect it, Becky has been catapulted to the top and Flair has lost a step. This has apparently affected WWE’s booking plans as it pertains to WrestleMania 35.
It’s unknown if WWE will indeed move forward with Ronda Rousey versus Becky Lynch at WrestleMania and there is still plenty of time for the company to make a different move. Becky is scheduled to defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair in a Last Woman Standing Match at Crown Jewel on November 2.

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Rumored Regime Change In New Japan Pro Wrestling A Major Cause For Concern

New Japan Pro Wrestling is one of the most successful companies in the business today. NJPW is the second largest promotion in the world and has amassed an impressive fan following not only in Japan but in the United States and all over the world as well.
But now there may be a cause for concern within New Japan. According to Cageside Seats, (via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter), NJPW is in the midst of a regime change. It’s not known who is specifically involved in this new regime but apparently, it consists of non-pro wrestling people.
Photo: New Japan Pro Wrestling
This is surely not very encouraging news for many fans, who have been following the New Japan product over the past several years. Led in the ring by Kenny Omega, Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi and The Bullet Club, NJPW has taken great strides to expand the brand, especially in America. New Japan has partnered with Ring of Honor Wrestling in the past of course but the company has also run live events of its own in the states.

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But if this new regime is not fully experienced in pro wrestling, then any forward progress that’s being made could be in jeopardy. Harold Meij recently became the new President of the company in May of 2018. It was believed by many that Meij brought a great business sense to New Japan and had a vision to expand the organization in ways that no one had before.

However if backstage operations are changing, then the overall product itself will certainly change as well. Part of New Japan’s success has been attributed to the uniqueness of the brand. NJPW only resembles WWE thanks to the wrestling ring and some of the talents like Chris Jericho, who have worked in both companies but each promotion is indeed very different.
New Japan will continue to partner with Ring of Honor in 2019, when the G1 Supercard takes place on April 6 at Madison Square Garden. The sold out event is booked in WWE territory during WrestleMania weekend, a feat which very few pro wrestling insiders could even imagine possible. New Japan is certainly on the upswing though what impact its regime change will have on the company remains to be seen.

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