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Watch: Red Sox troll Yankees during champagne clubhouse celebration

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The Red Sox defeated the Dodgers in Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday night, and the team made sure to sneak in a troll job at the expense of its division rival.
Boston’s players and coaches were living in the present during the champagne celebration in the clubhouse that followed the 5-1 win, but they were also seen poking fun at the Yankees — the team the Red Sox beat to advance to the World Series.
Plenty of singing and dancing took place in the clubhouse, while champagne bottles were popped. And, at one point, the Red Sox were overheard singing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York,” a clear shot at the Bronx Bombers.
The Red Sox are world champions once again, and they made sure to let their AL East rival know about it.

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Yankees rumors indicate team pushing to sign Manny Machado in free agency

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The Yankees could be without star infielder Didi Gregorius for the entire 2018 season, and the team could look to sign Manny Machado later this winter as a result.
Machado’s price tag may come down a bit after seeing his antics in the National League Championship Series, which include him kicking Jesus Aguilar in Game 4 — leading to a benches-clearing skirmish.
And now that Gregorius underwent Tommy John surgery on his right elbow on Wednesday, there’s no guarantee that he’ll even be able to return for the 2018 season. As such, the team could look for some insurance to replace the power he brings to the lineup.
Machado could do exactly that, and as such, Jon Heyman of Fancred Sports reported that the Yankees could make a play for him. It’s been stated in the past that the Yankees are Machado’s preferred landing spot, so if the club is interested in his services, then maybe the marriage could indeed happen. Machado has already played in the AL East after all, and he could stick it to his former team, the Orioles, multiple times each season.
It’s been an interesting season for Machado, whose antics would have to cease if he were to play in pinstripes. His 2018 campaign began with him on pace for a career year, as he hit .315 for the Orioles, but only .273 with the Dodgers. He struck out only 51 times in 365 at-bats for the O’s, but managed 53 K’s in 267 plate appearances with Los Angeles. So maybe a move back to the American League would be just what the doctor ordered.
The Yankees can save $12.5 million if they decline to pick up Brett Gardner’s option, which seems like it will be the case, as Gardy saw limited action this season, and is nowhere near the player he once was. New York can potentially afford Machado, but they’ll have to compete against Philadelphia, Los Angeles and St. Louis, among others, in vying for his services. Stay tuned.

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Report: Luis Severino was tipping pitches in blowout loss to Red Sox

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Yankees ace Luis Severino had a chance to showcase his stuff and prove he’s the team’s best pitcher in arguably their most pivotal game of the season on Monday, but he did quite the opposite.
The Yankees were coming off a huge win in Game 2 of the American League Division Series in Fenway Park, and the team had the chance to swing all the momentum in the series with a win at home. Unfortunately for them, Severino picked a bad time to turn in one of his worst performances of the season. He gave up six earned runs in only three innings, and recorded just two strikeouts. After four innings of play, the Yankees found themselves down 10-1 — an insurmountable hole the team never really recovered from.
In watching the game, it looked as if the Red Sox knew what Severino was going to throw, and when; apparently that was the case. A report from Jon Heyman of Fancred Sports states that Severino was tipping his pitches in the game.
“The Red Sox had his pitches,’ one Yankees person told Heyman.  
There was talk about the Yankees not giving Severino enough time to warm up before the game, but this theory seems to hold a lot more weight. A video showing a conversation between Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mookie Betts seems to back it up, as JBJ appeared to guess that Severino was electing to throw a fastball on one particular pitch to Brock Holt in the game. Sure enough, he did.

[email protected] just nailed it. Red Sox had a beat on what was coming as early as the second inning. JBJ says "Fastball…" to Mookie before an 0-2 pitch to Holt, Severino pumps in 98 MPH fastball that Holt fouls away. pic.twitter.com/wLGR5dVDys
— Dan O'Mara (@Dan_OMara) October 9, 2018

Teams nowadays tend to study video on opposing pitchers for hours on end, so hurlers must be diligent about not giving off any tells that their opponents can pick up on. As for Severino, he’ll need to work on this issue in the offseason, otherwise the Red Sox hitters will tee off on him again.

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Watch: Yankees catcher Austin Romine pitches in game amid embarrassing loss

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The Yankees got absolutely demolished at Yankee Stadium in Game 3 of the American League Division Series by the Red Sox on Monday night.
Boston jumped out to a 10-0 lead after just 3 1/2 innings of play, which is almost unfathomable.
It was so bad that Yankees catcher Austin Romine had to essentially flip the script late in the game. Instead of catching pitches behind the plate, he was actually asked to throw some, so the Yankees could keep their bullpen arms fresh.

Here's the end result on every batter Romine faced as a pitcher tonight. pic.twitter.com/XojlGJMfMg
— David Mendelsohn (@BigBabyDavid_) October 9, 2018

This will be Austin Romine with the second-ever postseason pitching appearance by a non-pitcher. Cliff Pennington did it for Toronto in the 2015 ALCS. What a fiasco for the Yankees.
— Tyler Kepner (@TylerKepner) October 9, 2018

The Yankees ended up using six pitchers in the game, as well as Romine, who lasted one inning, giving up a walk and a two-run homer during that time. The home run by Brock Holt allowed him to hit for the cycle in the ninth, adding insult to injury.
That really told the story of just how bad the game was for the Yankees, who got out-hit by a 18-5 margin. They’ll look to rebound in Game 4 — hopefully without Romine or any other position player on the mound.

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Bruins player trolls Yankees fans for leaving early amid blowout loss

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Bruins winger David Pastrnak is entering his fifth season with the team, so the Boston sports culture has essentially become ingrained in him.
As such, when the Red Sox absolutely demolished the Yankees 16-1 in Game 3 of the AL Division Series on Monday night — in the Bronx, no less — Pastrnak made sure to pour some salt in the wound.
He took to Twitter during the final minutes of the game, and pointed out how many empty seats there were at Yankee Stadium, given that many fans had already made their way to the exits.

Seeing Yankee Stadium empty before the game is over is phenomenal. #DoDamage
— davidpastrnak (@pastrnak96) October 9, 2018

Pastrnak wasn’t wrong, either. Check how many seats at the ballpark were empty.

Lots of Yankees fans made it to the eighth. At least public transportation won’t be crowded after the game pic.twitter.com/Z0YU7daTjL
— Christopher Smith (@SmittyOnMLB) October 9, 2018

A lot of empty $2600padded seats at #YankeeStadium. 14-1 will do that. pic.twitter.com/Zbs8ZT24A7
— Don Kelley (@DonKelley) October 9, 2018

Love the empty seats at Yankee Stadium… ⁦@RedSox⁩ pic.twitter.com/sTAj6Ro40N
— Mark Matuschak (@NYCBOS1) October 9, 2018

We’re not sure what was more surprising — the Red Sox jumping out to a 10-0 lead on the road after just 3 1/2 innings of play, or how empty Yankee Stadium was.

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It's so on! Yankees finally have chance to get revenge against Red Sox

Category : MLB , Subway Squawkers , Yankees

I didn’t want to count my playoff chickens before they were hatched, so I waited to see if the Yankees would win their wild card game before getting too excited over them facing the Red Sox in the playoffs. But now that the Yanks have vanquished the Athletics, I can get all pumped up over this! Yippee! (Squawker Jon, like most Mets fans, will be rooting for Boston. Figures.)
We’ve been waiting a LONG time for this series. Back in the day (1998 through 2004), it seemed like the Yankees-Red Sox would be facing each other nearly every year in the post-season. And I’m still traumatized by witnessing in person Game 6 (the Bloody Sock game) and Game 7 (the Johnny Damon game) of the 2004 ALCS. So it’s kind of weird that it’s taken so long for New York and Boston to face each other in the playoffs again. And IIRC, this is the first time they’ve ever faced each other in an ALDS!
There is a whole generation of Boston fans out there for whom these events are ancient history. They’re used to their team being winners, with three World Series titles in a decade (ouch, that hurts to write!) And that goes for Yankee fans, too. There’s a generation of fans who have only seen our team win once, a decade ago, and may barely remember that.
Of course, both teams are completely different from 2004. While I think Chris Sale is a tool, I haven’t (yet) developed quite the visceral hatred for members of this group of Sox the way I did for David Ortiz, Jason Varitek, et al. I also can’t stand Dustin Pedroia, but he’s been too injured in recent years to matter (only played three games this season.) And I think Sox fans might feel the same way about the hate — there is no one obvious lightning rod (or A-Rod) to hate! Tyler Austin, who brawled with Joe Kelly, has been traded, of course, and even then, it wasn’t quite the same. The teams (and their fans) don’t
The last time the Yankees faced Boston in the postseason, I was working at the New York Daily News, putting sports articles on the website, where we had such massive coverage (special sections, tons of staff writers, etc.) that we weren’t allowed to take time off in October! Now the News is shell of itself when it comes to postseason coverage. (At least I have my The Athletic subscription.)
I haven’t watched the games this year as much as I used to. I have been very busy with training for triathlons and marathons — I did the NYC and NJ Triathlons this summer, ran the Maine Marathon last week, and running in the NYC Marathon in four weeks. I did get to catch some of the games with weekend when I was in Maine on NESN. (Their broadcasters were not as annoying as Michael Kay is with Paul O’Neill, but that’s a whole other story!)
Anyhow, I am excited to see October baseball again with Yankees-Red Sox. Let’s go Yankees!

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